Strong and soft

He had worked there for three years. They’d given him two raises and last month a week paid vacation. He had just finished setting up his computer of a 3D print of a small gadget, he didn’t know what it was. Part of some bigger thing. He had it all set up and did the run. He watched everything swing into action, the whine of the printer motors and the drives positioning then the start, he turned away to see them coming toward him. He turned away, there was a chance they would walk on by.

The gadget looked good and it was about finished. He saved the pattern for another one, just in case. He saved the memory to his private backup and sat waiting. It finished and he opened the shield and unlocked the table sliding it over to the rest. He slipped the gadget out of the index and set it on his table. He turned on the lasers and they started the measurements. It took almost a minute. It was perfect he picked it up and placed in in the basket with the specifications and turned to set it on a cart of delivered products. One of the suits picked it up and walked away.

He pulled out the next order and looked at them. “This will take, maybe, 15 minutes?”

They looked at him or through him, he never knew which. “Rubén we’re cutting back on production, hard times these days. I have to let you go.”

He stared at the two of them thinking, what the fuck? “You’re laying me off, just like that?”

“Yeah, hate to do it because you’re one of the best. But that’s it I’m afraid. Check in with HR and collect your pay, we’re giving you six months. Two months for each year. You can transfer your 401 to a individual plan, and all that money is yours. They’ll give you the details, Keep all of that package, it’s got your medical stuff and other benefits in that package. Sorry Rubén.”

They turned away away and never looked back. He turned to Murphy, “They just cut me loose, on a Tuesday no less?”

“Nothing, no explanation, cut backs. Shit, there’s two weeks backlog sitting right here. I haven’t even spoken to anybody, I don’t mess with women. I just don’t understand it.”

“Heads up, go directly to the State Employment and list with them, apply for unemployment, do all that today. You might get picked up tomorrow, or it might be next month, you just don’t know.” He cleaned up and then emptied his locker. He stopped at HR and they gave him another large pouch of material about his rights. In a plain white envelope he got three checks. He stopped at his bank and deposited them and then went home. He sat at his kitchen table and examined his monthly expenses against his new bank balance.

With no changes he could go nine months. He paused, put away his home ledger and sat back looking out the windows of his kitchen, it was mid-afternoon and the sun was behind him. The shadows were growing longer. He showered and dressed in slacks and a button down shirt of bright orange. He went to his favorite restaurant. He has some rare beef and potatoes with a bottle of beer. It was good and for the first time that day he smiled. He slowly drank his beer. He washed his mouth out with some water and a bite of lemon. As he walked out her saw two women walking the street, tourist laughing.

He smiled, they were good looking and having fun. He stepped down on the sidewalk and without any intention followed them. They had stopped to look at jewelry in an open market shop. He hardly noticed, he was thinking about how he could get a new job. He was anxious about what his company would say for his references. Should he even mention them. They had just trained him to the latest CNC marching and computers.
The walkers in front of him had stopped, there was a fight up ahead. Four men were fighting, he looked over the heads of the crowd watching. One was down and now a knife appeared and blood was flying into the crowd, they were backing away. He bumped into a woman and she yelped. He turned to her and said, “Sorry there is a fight, it isn’t safe here. He put his arms around her and headed to the nearest doorway. Her friend followed them. He put the women up on a step and turned to her friend, handing her up as he turned back to the crowd.

People were in a panic and pushing or shoving was taking place as everyone fought to get away. He pushed several men away. The woman behind him had her hands on his shoulder, her nails were there. A little pain, he smiled. It had been a long time since that had happened. The crowd was now turned around and moving quickly down the street. Police whistles could be heard. He turned around and the one he had picked up fell into his arms. Her dark eyes were on him and she was against him, her arms around his waist. She looked at him for a moment and then kissed him.
The kiss was a hungry kiss, a woman in an emotional state. Her arms were around his neck and she moved hard against him. He held her hips, keeping his balance. Her tongue brushed his lips and he felt himself reacting to her, he pulled her hips closer and she groaned softly. Her breathing was on his face, hot air. He started to push her away and she tightened her arms. He pushed harder. She broke the kiss and stared at him. He searched her face looking for something, some reason or explanation. She smiled. She moved her feet, she was spreading her feet around his and she thrust into him. He jerked away.

“I’m sorry, I was worried you would be hurt.” Her hips were against him. She started to say something, then she leaned against him and whispered, “I was frightened and now I have recovered. You are strong. I like you. We are going to have an early dinner, would you join us?” Her smiled was nice.

“Are you sure, we hardly know each other.”

“We don’t know anyone, we are on vacation.”

“I am a stranger to you, here in Valencia. I do not speak very good English, mostly technical language. I like holding you, you feel wonderful to me.” She grinned and laughed. Her chest was against him, she was leaning on him from the step above him.

“I like holding you, you feel. Ah, you feel very firm. I like that.”

He laughed, he could feel her whole body bubbling against him as he laughed. She laughed with him. He felt her softness, her stomach, her belly was warm. Her eyes were on him. He liked her and he said, “I was sad and now I feel much better, I was laid off today and I have no work. I have eaten, but maybe I could have a beer while you eat?”

“Yes, yes.” She stepped back and her friend came to her side. “He’s very handsome, are you going to keep him?”

“My god yes, I’m feeling it already. What’s your name?”

“I am Rubén, my mother was Italia and my father was Spanish, from Andalusia. Now I live here Valencia.”

“I am Marie, from Brussels and this is my friend Trisha from France.”

She took his hand and stepped down, Trisha followed them. Rubén turned to her and took her hand. He pulled her close and they walked some blocks to a restaurant.

The heat was building, he lead them to a table next to an open area, there was a gentle breeze through the windows. The women sat to each side of him. The women ordered food with wine, he ordered a beer. They talked about many things, getting to know each other. When the women finished their meal, they ordered a bottle of wine. There were three glasses on the table. The sun was setting and the shadows faded as candles were lit by the staff.

Marie poured wine for them and they made a toast to new friends. Marie went to the bath room and when she came back Trisha left them. Marie held his hand in her hands and looked at his face. “I know this is crazy, but would you kiss me again, I would like that very much.”
He leaned over to her and she pulled his hand to her breasts as their lips met. She was sweet with the wine, her tongue wiped his lips and he opened to her. He broke the kiss, she lowered his hand into her lap.

“Your eyes are very dark, mysterious and lovely. Why are you alone with your friend on your vacation?”

She smiled. “Trisha is my friend and we decided that being here we would meet other people. We came for the sun and the heat. We live in Brussels and it is always cold. We are translators.” She smiled at him, “We speak to each other in the language of ladies, we live together.”
His hand was in her lap and her legs spread, she pushed his hand there, her eyes on his eyes. “We want you to stay with us tonight, but your wife or your girlfriend might be mad?”

“I am not married, and I have been in school in Stuttgart for months. I have no girl friend.”

“That’s is good, you will be our boyfriend while we are on vacation.”

“Will Trisha be upset with you?”

“No, she loves me.”

He felt her fingers moving, she was pulled her dress up, a little bit at a time. She held his eyes. He started to pull away and she held his hand in her hands while the dress moved. She stared at him as she worked. “Does this scare you Rubén?”

He smiled, “No, I like it, but I wanted to be sure that this is what you want. And then there is the need to go further, you tease me this way do you know that?”

“Yes I do know this, and I want you to become the most passionate lover of all time. To hold me tightly, like this afternoon. To kiss me, my lips, my nipples, and then my sweet spot, that is what I want. You smell like a god to me, I smell your chest and it makes me very weak. His fingers felt her thigh, so soft and smooth. He reached downward and his hand clamped onto her thigh, firmly.

She flinched and she opened her mouth, her tongue slipped out, the tip at the corner of her mouth. Her eyes slowly changed, she looked sleepy. She slipped lower in the chair and his hand moved to the magic of her Venus. Her eyes closed. His fingers stretched out and felt her curly hair and she groaned. “Marie I want to leave this place, where should we go.”

Her eyes closed. His finger slipped between her lips and she smiled, “Any where, we will go to the hotel. But we might stop on the way, in a dark alley.” He pushed her lightly and she slipped down lower as he went deeper.

“Rubén I need something from you.”

“Yes, what is this. Can we stop in a dark corner and you help me relieve this thing I want so badly?”

“Yes, we will do that. Let’s leave?” He pulled his finger away and she slipped her dress back. He brought his finger to his lips and tasted her, she was watching him. Her mouth opened as his did, he sucked on the finger and she reached to his hand and pull it to her lips and her tongue wrapped around his tongue. She let him go and they stood. She paid for the meal, he stood beside her, his leg against her leg. She used both hands on the counter, she seemed weak. She finished and reached for his hand he pulled her close and they walked back the way they had come. She walked with a hip sway and her leg brushed his.

Three blocks up the hill she pulled him into a dark alley, they walked to the dead end. The smell was damp and rotten. She backed against the wall and pulled her skirt up. She was bare, he opened his pants and freed himself, he leaned against her as he slipped into her and she moaned. The angle was just right. He bumped her several times and she curled her hips to him. He slipped his hands down below her cheeks and lifted her up as he went deeper, her arms were around his neck. Her lips there talking to him, that mysterious language of love that is only used at times like this. He began the ritual and she cried on him, he felt her tears warm to him.

Her teeth were on him, she was crying softly in his arms. He kept moving and he felt her working with him and she convulsed hard against him. Her head came up and she looked at the sky and cried out. That feminine cry of love sated and rejoiced. He filled her and she twitched gently. She laid on him and she was weak. He leaned her back against the wall and pressed her there. His hands slowly slipped and he lowered her to her feet, her mouth found his and he felt her sucking the air out of him. They kissed a long time and she said, “Thank you, that was wonderful.”
He stepped back and pulled her to him. They walked back out of the alley and continued. He didn’t remember much until he was in the room. It was big, the bed was big, the lights were soft gold. Marie walked to the bed and fell forward. Her dress wore the marks of love in several places. He took her heels off and then her belt. He undressed her and dragged her up the bed and covered her, she rolled on her side and slept. He drank some water form a glass and went into the bathroom. He emptied out and flushed the toilet. As he stooped he saw Trisha watching him.
“I’m sorry for the smell, I didn’t see you.” He started to buckle his belt and she replied.
“Come here, the water is wonderful and hot.”

He stared at her, “Marie is sleeping, I undressed her and put her to bed.”

“Come here.” He took off his clothes and hung them on the back of the door. He walked to her and climbed in, the water was hot, he felt his face grimace.

“This is hot.” He sat beside her and stretched out, as his body adjusted he leaned his head back. She slipped over him, slippery and soft. She kissed him as she settled over him like a mysterious sea creature. He started to say something. She kissed him again and their tongues met in the middle.

She broke and set her head alongside his. “You feel wonderful, did she howl for you?” Her face was close her hands were holding his weapon, working her magic.

“Yes, she did, she wanted to be loved, she couldn’t wait.”

“Yes, I know. We had a wonderful morning with massage and then walking in the sun. And then you.” She brought her knees up to his hips and she settled on him, everything was slippery. She held on to his shoulders, her faced was twisted as she took him. She smiled then.
“God you’re big for me. That’s a little piece of heaven right there.” She moved on him and she made waves, her face was sweating and her lips were compressed. She was working and he just watched her. Her eyes flickered and she looked at him, “Yes, yes as sweet as honey.” She arched her chest and brought her breasts clear of the water as her hips moved hard against him. She was shuddering and he leaned forward to catch first one then the other in his mouth, her eyes opened and she leaned closer.

She whisper to him, “Nibble a little honey. Her hands left the tub and cupped herself lifting the pair to him. He just ran his tongue over the tips and she gasped. “So wonderful, and so lightly done.” She frowned at him, “Your still with me,” he nodded to her. There was a question on her face.

“Your just too slippery, I think I could do this all night.”

Her hands came to his head and she kissed him in that serious I’m gonna suck your face off. She started moving again, little moves, sliding on him and as she moved she started on those longer sliding moves, quickly she was hitting him hard. Her hands were in his hair and her eyes opened starring at him. “Come on you bastard, work with me.” He stayed still and she became frantic, moving up and down, back and froth. Her face was full of anger.

And she lost it, her face became calm and her hands dropped away from his hair, her nails were hard into his shoulders and she slumped her head between them, her breasts hanging free. He moved out from her and she moaned. He climbed over to the floor and brought her up and stood her next to him, He turned her to the tub, bent her over as he slipped into her. She wiggled then and he started driving her. He worked a long time on her, he was dripping sweat on her back and then she quivered and cried out. He exploded deep, he felt it roiling between them. He gently laid over her, slipping his hands to her breasts. It lasted until she tried to move, he pulled her up, his hands still cupping her, she laid her head on his shoulder and whispered, “You fucked me good, I’m sleepy”.

He dropped out of her and got a towel he dried her back and then between her legs. He turned her around and dried her front. He picked her up in his arms and set her next to Marie. He covered her. He turned out the lights and hung the do not disturb sign on the door. He climbed into the bed next to Marie and fell asleep in minutes. When he woke they were drinking coffee and talking quietly. He raised his head and looked at them.

He smiled and asked, “Everybody good?”

They smiled at him. He rolled over on his side. His wallet, watch, and change were on the night stand. He stared at them trying to remember. A body climbed on him then leaned over him, curls fell on his face. “We sent your clothes out for laundry. They were sort of messed up. The other was near his face setting a cup of coffee. He rolled over on his back and they watched him taste the coffee. It was good.

Marie said, “See we were up early and we talked. We have fifteen days left. We thought if we took your clothes you would have to stay right here with us.”

He smiled. Marie’s heart thumped, he wasn’t getting up he wasn’t running.

Then we talked some more and we thought you said, “You just lost your job? Maybe we could hire you, like a part time job.”

He was still smiling, the thought of being able to make money while enjoying the two lovely ladies was a pleasant thought. But on some level it bothered him, it didn’t seem right. He relaxed and let his head settle back into the soft pillow. He smelled the clean linen and the scent of two wonderful women delighted his nose. He felt wonderfully clean.

“Listen to me for a minute. I was feeling very sad yesterday, I was depressed. So I left my boring small apartment and stepped out to see you two laughing and joking walking down the street. I thought about following you, I was curious. And I need to mention that you both are very beautiful.”

“Then you bumped into that thing on the street and my first thought was to protect you, I didn’t want you to be hurt. And when I pulled you back, something in me wanted to own you. Your scent, the feel of your bodies. And then holding Marie felt very good. Still the trouble, but now the kiss.” He looked at her, “that was something new to me. That kiss was soulful. And then you leaned close to me and I would do anything you wanted. I felt like a soft plastic doll in your hands.”

“If I could stay with you during your holiday I would like to do that?”

He watched them look to each other. “I’m going to the bathroom and make a stinky, while you two talk.”

He was feeling relaxed and he was finished quickly, he sat on the bidet for a few minutes. The water was warm. He dried off, then took a toothbrush in a plastic wrapper and brushed his teeth. He stared at himself in the mirror and saw a man relaxed and calm, but needing a shave and a hair cut. He backed up, away from the mirror to see his complete reflection. He saw a man with a slight stomach, but otherwise fit. The hair on his chest was light. He went back into the bedroom, it flashed in his mind that like a well trained dog he had been out and done his business. Now back for a pat on the head from his master. Except in his case it was a loving caress of his mistresses.

They were in the bed talking, he draped a towel over one of the chairs. He refilled his coffee cup and sat down. They stared at him, he felt like a piece of meat hanging in the butcher shop. It was a new feeling for him. There was a knock on the door he went to the bathroom, they got out of bed and wrapped in robes opened the door. It was their breakfasts, his clothes, and the newspaper. Marine took his shorts off the hanger and went into the bathroom, “We have breakfast. Try these on for me.”

She watched him and smiled. She reached for his hand and pulled him close. They kissed, her kisses were something out of this world. She pulled him to breakfast. Trisha was eating, but watching him.

“He would look better in those short boxers, there’s no pouch in those.”

Marine said, “Yes, exactly. He is in his natural state, free to roam. He is ready for action. His weapon is ready for deployment.” They both laughed. He ate his eggs and sausage with the fresh juice. The food was delicious and hot. Marie’s robe was loose at the throat and he watched her move, the display was to his liking.

Everyone finished and Trisha took the big tray out to the hall. She came back in and locked the door. He looked at her, “I need some more clothes and my shaving kit.”

Marie said, “I’ll walk with you Trisha wants the hot tub, she dreams in there.”

Trisha walked to the bathroom and closed the door. Marine started dressing, he watched. She pull out some hose and then a belt to hold them. She slipped into some tall heels, and looked at him. She pulled out a skirt, this one had a slit over the left leg. She pulled out an almost transparent white v-neck blouse, her deliciousness was there for him. She had no bra. Her nipples were standing. She came over to him and leaned over, they tumbled forward and he smiled. “Should I wear some panties or not, it is very hot.”

“With that skirt will it show?”

“Not unless I make it, I’m safe either way.”

“Then no panties.”

She came close to him and said, “My kind of man.”

He laughed and they left. She held his hand as they stepped out of the hotel. She looked very sharp by his side, she was overdressed to be with him. As he opened the door to his apartment she pushed him in and closed the door behind her. He looked at her in surprise. She walked around the kitchen the bedroom and the bathroom. She came out and lifted her skirt, she handed him some toilet paper. “I had to piss so bad I was thinking of doing it in the hall.” He leaned over her and kissed her while his hand slipped between her legs and softly patted her. He held the paper against her and she wiggled against his hand while her tongue searched him. He picked her up and leaned her over his bed and he quickly buried himself in her.

She jumped as he slid into her. She cried, “At least give a girl some warning.” He held her hips and started drilling for oil. She quickly became slippery and then she moaned to him. She started talking dirty, telling him to do this and that. He pulled his belt out of his pants and folded it by half then slapped her across the buttocks, she jerked and cried out, “Do it again you bastard.” He hit her on the other side. Each cheek had a bright red welt. He pulled her back and found her again, this time he started moving on her quickly, there was a demon in him now.

She was drooling, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. She groaned as he worked. He couldn’t wait on her, he wouldn’t wait on her, he felt it start and she cried out. “Give me all of it.” He held her tightly as the fire flowed through him and exploded deep. He pumped her two or three times and then lair over her back reaching for her breasts. Cupping them in his hands and pinching her nipples as she danced under him. She way crying now, he saw the tears falling from her eyes. He stayed tight with her.

He whispered to her, “I want you so bad, I want you all the time. Will you be mine, just me. No one else?”

She shook her head in the negative, he squeezed her tighter. He pulled her up, his arms around her chest and he squeezed her tightly. “I want you, I really want you.”

Her head fell back on his shoulder. “We’re married Rubén.”

“Who, who are you married to?” He felt disappointment and confusion. “Why are you with me, why Trisha?”

“Baby she is my wife, I am her Master. She is submissive. We were married in Brussels, two years ago.”

He withdrew from her and stepped back, she was dripping on the carpet. He got a warm wash cloth and wiped her softly. He cleaned her thighs and then washed the cloth. He took some toilet paper and handed it to her, she fell on his bed, she was on her side, looking at him. Her face was flushed and her eyes were red. He sat beside her on the bed. His mind was confused and he felt desperate, “I didn’t know. I’m sorry, you should have told me. You should have warned me. So you and I go for a walk, you tell her to be a good girl. Do you whip her?”

“Sometimes, she tells me when she’s been bad. We’re not faithful to each other. You were a joke for us, a what if?” He looked at her, his disgust plain to her.

“Well thank you for telling me. I guess the joke’s on me. Was it good for you Maire, a quickie, a pick up in the afternoon. Jesus I feel so stupid for not suspecting, I should have known. I’m not a playboy, I’m not handsome, I’m not much of anything. Why pick on me, why me?”

She looked up and him, she rolled on her back and said, “It was a thing, until you were there in front of me, you pulled me away. You had me in your control. It was like a shock, she knew it just watching. I wanted your strength. And the kiss, that was electric, it went through me right there I wanted to rip my clothes off and have you. In the alley you nailed me with your harpoon, it was something I’d never felt before. You are so ferocious and manly it overwhelmed me I couldn’t stop, you had complete control. Jesus Rubén, you’re not like any man I ever known. The feeling I get when I’m around you is just too much, it’s like a narcotic rushing in my blood. I see you across the room and I want to come to you, I want your command.”

He stood and started for the kitchen, she jumped up and followed him. “Where are you going.”

“I think I’m going to get drunk, real drunk and hope when I wake you, you’re not in my sight.”

He walked out, she used the bathroom and then left, locking the door behind her. She searched for him, she walked for two hours, hitting every bar, restaurant, any place that served alcohol. When she couldn’t walk any further she went back to the hotel and told Trisha everything. They both cried and fell asleep.

In somebody’s yard with his last beer in his hand he fell asleep in the arms of a Sears wheelbarrow. His head leaned over at a terrible angle the beer emptying out in his lap, he mixed his urine with the beer and cried slowly at his own disgust with who he was. He was still asleep when the woman came to get the kitchen wood, she found a cop who looked at him and knew this was a woman thing. He saw the small tattoo few would notice and he knew then this was a man who needed a woman, He took the wheelbarrow down the alley and a couple of blocks found the house he was looking for. He got the woman up and she helped him get the man into her tub. He gave her some money and then took the wheelbarrow back. He had done the right thing.

Two days later Rubén wandered home, his clothes cleaned, he had eaten two meals and slept. Now he was going home, unsteady on his feet he walked. He was sweating when he got to the stairs, but he pulled himself up to his floor and unlocked his apartment. He fell into bed and slept until midnight, he took a long hot bath. When the water got cold he went back to the bed and fell asleep in a dream of her, her touch, her lips and her love.

In the morning he woke and made breakfast, he sipped coffee and watched the sun begin it’s journey. Then he walked, and walked, and walked. He went by the hotel and watched for her. She was gone, long gone. A week later, early one morning, they called him back, Like it never happened, he was back at his machine. One friend told him it was a mistake, they didn’t know he had the school, they didn’t know he was the only operator. Too many ‘they didn’t know’.

He worked like he had always worked. Five day weeks, four week pay periods. He was building his account, but always in the back of his mind was the suits. He had a dream where they came walking to where ever he was and said those words. He didn’t go out much, he started reading books. He was reading about psychology mostly. He wanted to understand himself, and he wanted to understand women.

He had other dreams. The walk into the alley and their love making. Her frantic need to have him, why was that?

Six months later he walked in to the office and said, “I’m taking a vacation, two weeks.”

He walked out that Friday, as he had once before. This time it was him, and not them. He used the trains, he wanted to see everything, but he slept most of the trip. In Brussels he realized he was lost when he walked out of the train station. He had no picture, he had nothing but their names. Their first names. In the first internet cafe he searched for just their first names, he found a thousand hits. He looked at all of them and copied a dozen hits. He set off and found himself in a business section with many restaurants and bars. It was lunch time and the places were all busy. He walked a block on one side and then crossed over and walked back on the opposite side. He did that four four blocks with no luck. He went into an Italian place and sat near the front to eat his own lunch. He had a glass of Chianti with his meal.

He watched the people on the walk and those who came in as well as those that left. Brussels was a big city. It was cold and misting. Afterward he would remember that while he was there is was gray and wet every day, except for an occasional burst of sunlight. After lunch he used the bathroom and them walked to another internet cafe, with a cup of coffee the visited the top ten sites for people wanting to meet people. He posted a single note with their first names and his email. Nothing else, and in minutes her had a hail of pure junk. Commercials. And invitations to drug parties, sex parties and offers on wining money makers.

He walked the streets, days and night. A couple of mornings he was up at six and walking the business district. He left the next day realizing he hadn’t a chance of locating them. At home he went to the hotel and gave them the dates and asked for contact information. He asked twice and the third time that asked him to leave. He sat in their restaurant and sulked. One of the concierge staff came to him with a little piece of paper. It had a phone number and he dialed it. It was Marie, she was in a hurry.

“This is Rubén.”

She stopped breathing.

“I went to Brussels looking for you, I stayed 9 days.”

“Rubén I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you.”

“I’m in the middle of something.”

“Are you on your cell, can I text you?”

“Yes, sure text me.”


He sat back and thought about the voice and the person. The excited and fun loving spontaneous person. Now in the middle of something. He walked home and took a nap. Monday back at work on his break he sent her his full name, his email, and his cell number.

That evening he sent her an email. “I’m sending you my contact information. This is the first message and the last message. If you don’t respond I’ll not bother you, further.”

He took a long walk and decided he would start dating, he missed her, but if not her he would find someone. Another week passed, nothing heard from Marie. He had been thinking about work. He had read the entire newspaper Saturday and found three openings for tradesman who could perform programming CNC machines. With the help of one of the college students in his local bar he made a resume, It was a single page and he was very impressed with her work. He wanted to pay her and she refused. She told him he was one of her nicest customers and he was very smart and well educated to do the work he did.

He applied to all three of the ads and quickly forgot about them. He was working on some shelving for his kitchen. He took his annual physical at work and got some vaccinations. He took a trip to Seville to see some of his family, it was a three day weekend. Monday he had a call, the woman started in Spanish and then switched to English. It was an introduction with her name and tittle. He told her his name and him address, then switched to English and said, “Is there a language requirement for the position?”

She laughed, “No, but you said you speak both fluently and so many people apply say that, but their English is not acceptable. So you can read both?”

“Yes, and some French pretty good, but I didn’t list it because I have been told that I have a horrible accent. English was my first language, my mother was Italian, but she only spoke English. My father was Italian and only spoke Spanish. Sometimes when they would argue I would do the interpreting for them both. I had to be quick for that.”

She laughed for a long time. “You are delightful, I understand from your present employer that you are programming and operating a TKLS-1638 which is a three axis programmable milling machine, is that correct?”

“Yes ma’am. They sent me to the school in Germany for four months, I was working on several other CNC machines, but we bought that one to do a special contract.”

“And you are looking for a new position?”

“They laid me off right after we did the first production run. The machine was excellent and I performed as expected. Two suits, I mean managers, came to my work station and I was let go. They gave me generous separation benefits, but no explanations. I think the HR people were kind to me. Anyway I was off for about three months and then they called me back, gave me a raise. I think there was some sort of a mistake, but I can’t really comment. For that reason and some personal ones I saw your add and responded.”

“What were the personal things?”

“I’m not married and I found a lady who I wanted to marry. I asked her, but she was married to another lady so that didn’t work. I guess it was my fault, I didn’t realize that casual sex wasn’t something more than handshake.”

“I understand what you mean. Would you like to come for an interview? We would supply the tickets with return, hotel, and meals?”
“So this would be just an interview and at some later time I might be offered a position?”


“So if I wanted to bank the return flight for a flight to Stuttgart, would that be a problem?”


“Yes, then I would pay for the trip from there back home. I’m scheduled for an interview there, I need to call and schedule with them, but if I’m in Spain I might as well do both of them. I applied to three adds, I didn’t know if the equipment was what I work on and, well, there so many reasons people get offers and then don’t. It always makes me nervous, the right clothes, the right manners. So many things can impact the decisions.”

“Yes, I understand, and you’re right. Why don’t we send you a one way ticket here and then we can get you hooked up to return or Stuttgart, your choice.?”

“Wonderful, thanks for understanding. I don’t do this very often so I’m a novice in this area. So the ticket will be at the airport and that would be this Friday, do you have a time?”

“I’ll call you tomorrow with the time and the hotel, we’ll meet you at the airport and get you a package there. So three days here, in the office Saturday?”

“Thank you, and Friday, thank you again.”

Denise put the phone down and then picked it up. She called, “Can I speak with Senor Alfonso, this is Denise in HR?”
“Yes Denise, you’ve found me someone?”

“Well, do you have time for a short meeting?”

“I’m on my way.”

He sat down smiling, “I’m impressed, this is a hard one I know. I’ve seen the others ads, these people are generally very smart and highly technical. It isn’t easy, usually we have to hire a beginner and send them to school. What have you got?”

She handed him the file and he pulled the resume and smiled. “Outstanding. This is exactly what we need. He’s not married and he’s just completed the school for the latest software upgrade, they go to Germany for that. I think it’s in Stuttgart?”

He looked up and didn’t like her expression. “What’s the issue, if it’s money for this man I would go back to management, I really will, right now. We can get more money.”

“Senor, this man I have just talked to. He’s very smart and well adjusted, not like most of those in your department. But he’s an open and honest person. He’s leaving that area because of a love affair that went bad. He wants to be married. He’s of that age when successful men think of marriage. That’s well and to be expected, his company loves him and they apologized to me for a recent incident, they laid him off for about 90 days. They say it was their mistake, they’ve hired him back and gave him a raise.”

“Yes, well what is it.”

“He’s not a player sir, not a man like that. But since he made the decision to leave he applied to three ads in that trade journal you used. He sent his resume to all three of those ads. He asked if we could make his return ticket to Stuttgart? He was completely open about it. He’s going to call them, I would guess today, for an appointment for an interview there. They already talked to him, they like him, but there is an interview. Of course there is, there always is. So that is your problem sir.”

“I’m confused, where is the problem he’s coming here, we’ll snatch him quickly. I’d hire him right now, if you would let me. This man is valuable, very valuable. He’s the new breed, he’s intelligent and he’s educated. This isn’t some greasy mechanic with a vocabulary of 100 words.”

“Yes I understand. But I want you to consider, right now he’s in the wind and free to make decisions. So he’s on the phone with them right now, he asked for an interview Monday and he’s asking about the time so he can get a reservation back to Italy. He might mention he’s here in Sabadell and then he’s on the way home to Italy. If their HR person is quick they’ll ask why he’s asking about returning to Italy if he’s coming from Spain?”

He was staring at her, he didn’t see it, Rubén was right suits were idiots. “They might ask if he had an interview in Spain before coming to Stuttgart? He’s not the type to plan this or be out shopping himself. He’s so innocent he’s going to mention another job interview and at that point the interview doesn’t matter, They’ll snatch him up, right then and there!” He’ll never get here, they get him a ticket for Friday, might even give him a connection to Spain later in the day. They’ll be considerate and thoughtful, helping this guy every step of the way. Am I getting through to you sir, they pay me to snatch these people and this one is going south before we get off first base, right?”

“Shit, shit, shit. All right how do we get him before they get him, I understand you now. Why take a chance, get our moving company to pick up his household and fly him in here Thursday night. If he mentions money bump him 10%, three weeks vacation, and remind him we’re EURO.”

She smiled, now he understood, but he was a classic fuck up, she smiled. “Sir, if I get management to wave the interview based on the phone call, would you agree we need this man and it is critical?”

“Yes, or course.”

“Let me make some calls sir and I’ll get this man for you, but understand you owe me for this one?”

“No problem, I’ll call David, he’s from New York, he’ll understand this and agree. We’ll turn you loose on it, just don’t screw it up.”

She called her supervisor and asked for travel to recruit a highly perishable technical specialist. They chatted and she took David’s call while she was on hold. “Honey I don’t know how you engineered this, but you have an open wallet on this. Call me when you get there, and then call me when you have him in handcuffs.”

She hung up the phone and called Rubén. He answered her quickly. “Rubén, let me ask you a question, if I may.”

“Honey you’re looking for break from the same old, same old? And you’d just as soon do that now than sometime next month, am I right?”

“Yes, honestly. I need a change, sooner is better.”

“Let me do some math, we’ll move you here, you have an apartment right?”


“We’ll take care of the lease on that, we’ll load up your personal household, and ship your car. Then you state that your current salary is for a forty hours week at, well we’ll offer $38.5 EURO?”

He was quiet, “Want some time to calculate, that’s about $47K in USD, would that be enough?”

“Yes ma’am, that would be outstanding.”

“Let me ask you Rubén, are you worth that much?”

He hesitated, “I think I am and I’ll work very hard to prove it to you.”

‘Good, so I’m going to get a night flight, I’ll be at the hotel in the morning. I’ll get the movers started today. I’ll get our legal department to work with the Lessor. We can leave maybe Saturday or Sunday, give you time to say goodbyes? We can spend the day together, share some meals. You can stay in the hotel while they move you out. So pack a bag for at least a week.”

“I can work with that, you’ll like the hotel. Some of the rooms have a hot tub and bidet, you’ll like that. So I’ll give them notice Friday morning, is that all right with you?”

“Yes, that will work nicely. We’ll save on the return ticket so we can fly back first class, no one needs to know, right.”

He was chuckling, deep in his voice. She felt the same feeling now as when she first heard his voice. The deep timbre set off her inner furnace, she shoved back from her desk and crossed her legs, letting her skirt slid up to her thighs. “You’re not laughing at me are you Rubén?”
“No Denise, I’m laughing with you. Would we have time for dinner in all this?”

“Yes dear, I accept. Dinner it is, maybe some wine then coffee, but only if there’s time?”

He was quiet, “Yes, we’ll make sure we have time, call me when you get in. Let me know if the room works for you?”

“My first call dear.”

She hung up the phone, she was wet. The man’s voice was turning her into something too hot to handle. She left early and she packed for a hot weekend in Italy. The fight was on schedule and she was in the lobby while it was still daylight. She got the expensive room and when the boys had left her bags on the stand at the foot of the bed she popped the lid and hung up what she might wear. She had to pee and she went into the bathroom. The hot tub as advertised, she would call him. She finished and then took off her clothes she used the bidet, that was delightful. She walked out to her cell and called him. She gave him the room number.

He finished packing, everything was done, he had three boxes he had packed. His desktop computer, monitor and accessories was on the kitchen table. His two bags were waiting at the door. He walked the small apartment and the pulled out the keys. He left then on the table near the computer. He picked up his two bags and walked to the hotel. He carried them upstairs and tried her door, he opened the door and set his bags inside. He walked to the bathroom. “Denise your door is unlocked?”

“Yes, please lock it for me? He locked it. And walked back to the bathroom.
“How’s the tub?”

“Come in and try it. There’s room for two.” He undressed and smiled. He walked in and stepped on the opposite seat, as he slowly slipped into the hot water he watched her face. She went from curiosity to flush before he could get to his seat. He leaned back and smiled, “Denise I have the feeling instead of taking advantage of you, your going to ride me hard and put me away wet.” She stood up and walked to him, she spread her legs and settled over him and they kissed. It was nice. They kissed for quite a while. She finally found him rubbing her bottom, She reached between her legs and got him started. The water was slippery and they joined easily. Her eyes opened and stared at him.

“Baby, this is what love at first fuck looks like. I’m feeling so full with you.” She started sliding back and forth her breasts slapping his chest until he reached out to cup them and she sighed, her eyes closed and she jerked several times and then groaned loudly. He held her close with one arm around her waist the other he played with her nipples and she arched her chest and he took one in his mouth, running his tongue over it. She jerked in his arms and she cried, “I need it so badly. Let me go I want to ride.”

He smiled and kissed her eyes and then her ear. When his tongue touched her ear she jerked again and pressed her head to his mouth. “Deep baby.”

His tongue probed her and she cried softly. He put his hands in her hair and pulled her face close, ”I’m going to like this.”

She leaned back away from him as far as his arms would let her. She bucked at his waist. She was slamming him and the water was splashing between them. She pulled back further and he used his legs to lift her up and meet her thrusts. She closed her eyes and hammered him, he held her tightly. She gurgled once and stopped he felt her insides twisting and clutching, he lifted her higher and she cried out, “God your killing me.”

He pulled her head to his and kissed her, hard. His tongue went into her and she responded. Her hands were on his shoulders, her nails in his skin, she was squeezing him so hard as she thrashed and groaned. He held her up with his knees, almost out of the water and she shook in his hands like a stroke victim. It seemed a long time and she flopped onto him and he lowered her to his lap. She was gasping, her breathing ragged, her heart pounding. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. Her arms were around his neck and she was mumbling something. He held her for a long time.

“I can’t walk, I can barely talk,” her voice was horse and airless. She had completely collapsed on him, he pushed her forward and they slipped off the seat and settled on the bottom. The water was hot on his chest, he pushed her away to turn her and pull her back. She was on his lap facing away. His arms held her breasts and her head laid on his shoulder. He was humming to her a baby rime of his childhood and she snuggled in his lap. She slept for a while and he knew they were over due to get out. He picked her up and moved onto the seat, he picked her up to the top of the tub and steadied her as he climbed out he snatched a towel and wrapped her then picked her up and carried her to the bed. She was sleepy, but he gave her some wine and she sipped it. He dried her hair as best as he could. He left her and turned out the lights and crawled into bed with her, holding her against him, they shared a pillow. When he woke she was talking.

“What, I just woke up?”

She rolled over to him and said, “Are you hungry?”


“Hand me the phone, it’s on your side.”

He handed her the phone and she ordered. She handed him the phone. She slowly lifted the sheet and looked at him, below the waist. She reached in and pulled him free of his legs and smiled. “My god you’re hung like a mule.”

He pulled the sheet higher and looked between her legs. “You need a shave?”

She looked at him, “Really, you want your victims shaved when you take them?”


She crawled up his chest and kissed him as the door knock came, she stood up and pulled on her robe. She opened the door and a girl came in, she smiled and set up the tray on a folding table at the foot of the bed, she lifted his underwear up and tossed them aside, for room. She looked at him and then she left.

“That girl could not have been 16 and she wanted you, just like I do.”

“I did stay here about a year ago with a friend from Brussels.”

How old are you, I’ve forgotten?”

“I’m 28 years old. How old are you?”


She looked at him as she unwound her robe, watching his face. She was fit and sleek. He grinned, “Nice.”

She handed him a plate and silverware. She sat down and ate some toast. Her breast were perfect, full to maybe the ideal size, the nipples a shade of rust, but they tasted of milk. He ate and drank juice. She had two pieces of toast and then juice with coffee following. He watched her, “are you on a diet or something?”

She looked at him for a moment. “Honest?”

“Of course.”

“I’m embarrassed this morning, watching you watching her, I know I’m about ten pounds over. I sit at a desk all day and I dream of you. And now I’m thinking I should be ten pounds lighter. You are just beautiful, by comparison. God you are one hell of a swordsman.”

“I think you’re a dream and I like you, I mean to say I like you a lot.”

“Yes, but who did you fuck yesterday?”

“I haven’t had sex in over a year, and before that weekend it had been years.”

She starred at him, “Your serious aren’t you.”

“Yes. But you can help me get back into form, we’ll work on these things together.” She went into the bathroom and she came out with a small jar. She took off the lid and she put her foot on the bed to spread her legs and she dipped her finger in to the jelly and watched him watching her apply it gently to her love machine. She dipped a second time to push some into the music box. She stopped and stared at him.

“Do you want to help?”

He got up and walked behind her, reaching over her shoulder he took a small dab and then reaching behind her he found her other entrance and slipped his finger into her, she grinned and wiggled. He went into the bathroom and shaved. He showered and came back.

“So we’re on vacation and you wanted to see Italy?”

“I could be talked into a walk. What would you want me to wear.”

He stood very still and stared at her, “Where a sun dress with a v-neck blouse, heels and some pale hose with a garter belt, no panties. Heels, maybe three inch. Do you have a bralette, or a push up to show that beautiful pair?”

She smiled, “My god I love you.” She went into the bath room and came back with washcloth and handed to him. “Your going to fuck me somewhere in public, maybe a bathroom? I want you to clean me up, that’s a rule. I might chap.” She started to dress, he watched her. The bra was made of white net with pads in the sides. He could see her nipples, when she had the blouse on he could see the outline, but the v-neck blouse drew all the attention. They were there for all to see, god forbid she leaned over any where. As she pulled up the dress he saw she had trimmed her bush, it was a rectangle path like a landing strip. He smiled.

He pulled on some dress slacks, she said something behind him. He turned to her. “Leave the shorts”. He dropped the slacks and took off his boxers, then pulled up the slacks. He wore sneakers with white ankle socks. And a golf shirt, plain black.

In the elevator she stood in from of him and her hand found him, gently squeezing him until he started to grow, she stopped then. As they walked through the lobby the breakfast girl was standing near the door. She looked at his waist and smiled, she wet her lips as he passed. She had found his boner and she appeared to like what she saw.

They held hands as they walked down the street looking into shops and watched the sidewalk merchants push their wears. They had been walking for about twenty minutes when she spotted a sign, she led him off the street and up the steep side walk to a balcony of stone. It was almost shoulder high and she took him to the portal over the street, she leaned over the stone and her skirt slipped up her legs, he walked between her legs and she settled back against him. She turned her head, looking over her shoulder and said, “Like this?”

He pulled her back and walked back around the corner there was a table there. Her held her waist and bent her over the table. He was growing as her positioned her. He lifted her skirt up over her back unzipped his pants, he wasn’t quiet ready, but her slipped between her legs and the heat of her made him flinch. She reached behind her to use her hands to spread herself to him. He went into her against her big lips and she sighed. He pushed gently and the went in. She looked at him smiling. She loved this, doing it outside in public made her hotter. He moved against her his hands on her hips they began moving slowly.

“Oh baby I love this. You feel so good.”

He pulled her tighter and drove deeper and then she started to wiggle, she wanted to move now. “Quickly Rubén or I’ll scream. It’s too intense. He worked faster and forgot about her, he felt close, the place was having an effect on him. He reached around to hold her breasts, she wiggled and both of them fell out to his touch. He squeezed her and she groaned, he did it again and she groaned louder. That groan made him explode and he held her tightly pulling her back to him, he stayed there buried in her. He was breathing hard. She slowly stood up and leaned against him, her head close to his, “That was a nice one. I need a minute, I can’t walk.”

For some reason that hit him like a go sign he used his hands on her hips and lifter her up and against him, she couldn’t get a deep penetration, but he worked her again and he felt himself explode in her. He held her tightly, his arms around her chest. She was gasping. He relaxed a little and she slipped down to her feet. He held her still. It was a long time, it seemed, until she turned to him and looked into his face. She kissed him, a long hard kiss. She broke and said to him, “I want that everyday for the rest of my life.” She reached into his pocket and pulled out the cloth, she bent her knees in a squat and then carefully wiped herself.

She looked at him as she stood up and held the cloth close to his chin, “Smell this honey, this is all you.” She licked a corner and pulled free a dab and she kissed him, her tongue pushed the dab into his mouth and he tasted salt. She stared up at him. She was waiting for him. He leaned over her, “I could lick you clean now.” She smiled, “We’ll do that later.”

As the went back down to the street she leaned next to him and asked him, “Will we remember that place?”

He smiled, “I will.” They were caught up in a small crowd and people were all around them, he moved tightly against her and slipped his arm around her to her breast, she leaned back and her held her gently, his thumb running over her nipple. The man standing next to them watched him and grinned. She leaned back to him and said, “You’ll pay for that.” The crowd started to move and they were quickly back at the hotel. They had dinner and went up. The bed was made the room was clean. He went to the bath room. He opened his shaving kit and there was a small piece of paper with a phone number on it. He walked out and told her, “I’m going down for the newspaper.”

He stepped into the hallway and walked to the stairwell, he stepped in and called the number. The instant he heard her voice he knew. “So you left me you number?”

“I’m in 735.”

He climbed the stairs and walked to 735, the door wasn’t locked, he stepped in and locked it. She was in the bathroom, she called to him.

He walked around the corner into the bathroom, she was sitting on the bidet, the water was running. Her dark eyes were large and she held him there as she dried herself, She had on high heels. She dropped the skirt at her feet, her underwear was missing. She put on foot on the bidet and looked down at herself and then at him. He shucked off his shoes and dropped his pants and walk to her. She reached out to hold him and she pull him closer. He reached out and pulled her to him, they kissed several times and he said to her, “I will make you scream.”

She looked into his face and with calmness said, “Yes you will.” He picked her up, his hands under her thighs and he slipped into her, her head rolled backward and he started working into her. She groaned and he began getting heated, he wanted this little bitch. At that instant he knew and it was too late. Her arms came around his neck and she cried out, it sounded like a scream. He felt her fall down and it was done. She had taken the point. He slipped deep into her and she cried and he could not stop. He was driving her hard, viciously and he said to her, “You bitch you did this and now you’re going to pay.”

She grinned at him, “Fuck me you bastard. You took my cherry, now your going to take me. She leaned over his shoulder and her teeth fastened on his ear lobe, it hurt. She whispered, “I should mark you for life as my man, but you’ll come back. You’ll want this punta again, maybe forever.” She cried out and he filled her with his seed.

He held her closely and he looked at her, tears were all over the uniform, he set her on the counter, she was slippery with blood. He got towels and put her on top of the towels, he started cleaning her up and he washed her face with warm water. She smiled at him, “You are good Rubén, as good as she said you were.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Marie was here, she followed you this afternoon, she said she watched you fuck the new one. She came back for you, but not now.”

He blinked, her face was smoothing softly, she was very cute, even beautiful. He pulled her clothes off and she went to the bidet. She adjusted the water warm and he watched her clean up. She stood on her little heels and he saw she was beautiful. He asked her, “How old are you little one?”

“I’m eighteen, I am a legal fuck for you, yes?”

“Yes, I guess.” He imagined her with more weight in four inch heels and he knew he would come back for her.

She stood in front of him and she smiled, “Should I have your baby Rubén?”

“No, go to the store and buy the morning after pill. Take it, by tomorrow no later. If you do that I will pay for pills for you. Would you want to go to Spain, maybe live with me?”

She looked up at him, “If you want me I will be your woman, no other man for me. Just you I swear.”

He smiled and knew then how little she knew. “Can you clean this up?”

“Of course I can, now I am your women I do what you tell me to do.” He looked in the mirror at his ear, it was red, but there were no tooth marks. This child, she had flirted with him she had drawn him into her trap, yet she was a child. Maybe beautiful, but a child.

He stopped at the ice machine and found a loose cube for his ear. He went down for the paper and took the elevator back. She was asleep, in the bed and snoring. He wet his pants and put them in with the dirty clothes for tomorrow. He took a shower. He pulled some vodka from the refrigerator and had it straight. He set the paper by the bed and turned out all the lights. He crawled into bed beside Denise and slept like a rock. He pulled out a card and wrote his cell number on the back. He set it under his phone.

They were on the plane quickly and in first class. He had been handed a drink. He felt something in his pocket. He set down the drink and went to the bathroom, he peed and pulled out the card, she had given him her full name, her address, and her cell. Her name was, “Christina”. He looked at the card and then he slipped it in his change pocket. In his seat he sipped his drink and fell asleep. He woke as the plane came in for a landing, his ears hurt. She watched him blow with his nose closed with a pinch. His ears popped and he was good. She was laughing. In his hotel he took a shower and went to sleep. He was up early and ate downstairs, in the room he changed, he showered and dressed in business casual.

The morning went smoothly, he met his supervisor and they went to look at the equipment, the layout of the plant. He was ready for work on Monday. Denise found him there and she led him away, they went for a walk. They were looking at places for Rubén to live, something with an apartment, furnished. It had to have a hot tub. They saw signs and did tours. Near the end of the day, they found a white building with privacy panels of dark red. She led him up to the top and they found a woman in the hallway, The gave them the tour and Denise told her they would take it. Denise got the information and handed the lady a check. The hot tub was on a covered patio hidden behind privacy panels. You could look out over the area while in the hot tub, the plant was within walking distance, but hidden by other housing.

They had the key and they made a list of what they would need. Towels, wash cloths, linens for the bed, table cloth cover. Air freshener and some basic foods to get started. He stayed with Denise in her room. It was small with a tight little bathroom. The made love, twice, and woke Sunday morning. A hard day of shopping and homemaking. Sunday evening they ate in a neighborhood restaurant, crowded with people. Denise knew several families and some women sitting at a table by themselves. She explained that at the moment the factories had hired many women for assembly work, but men were not being hired. Results, more women than men. She watched his face as she waited for his reaction.

He smiled at her, “So your going to be very good to me?”

“I’m am going to be very good to you, my love.”

She went back to her apartment Sunday night. He called Christina and they talked. She was full of herself about having become a woman. It was a very important step for her. She and her mother had talked all day Sunday after church. She had taken the pill and it had hurt her for two days. She was glad that was over, she now had the birth control pills, her mother had helped her. Her mother was very interested in her man, and curious about his job. Her mother had shown her how to shave herself. Christina explained she was now very clean for him, smooth. Her mother had explained to her some men liked their women that way all the time. She would expect him to want to taste her, to check she had not been with another man.

The whole of the conversation made him very excited. This was a women who would be his, from the start. He would teach her his ways and they would be like brother and sister, except lovers. The call ended and he sat looking out over his little part of Spain. The weather was warm and dry. He felt restless and took a walk, heading out ot the countryside. Several times he was spoken to and his replies in Spanish were accepted with smiles. Being in another country seemed very nice. There were few cars, lots of bicycles.

At one of the many sidewalk merchants he bought some flowers, he carried them back to his apartment and watered them find each one a special place. He opened some inexpensive Chianti and sipped wine as he watched the sun settling in a glorious sunset. He showed and went to bed. His week went quickly. Saturday Denise moved in with him. She didn’t have many belongings, she did have many clothes. They went dancing Saturday night, it was very hot that night.

Late that night he had left her on the bed, she was nude and spread like a falling leaf. She was snoring. He poured more red wine and stood on the front balcony outside the bedroom. He called Christina and asked he if she was ready to come to him. She laughed and said, of course. He was her master, she would go where he told her to go, when he told her to go. She jabbered about learning to cook, she was working in the kitchen in the hotel this week. They talked for thirty minutes. She wanted to be able to care for him, cook for him, sew for him, and fuck him as he might need. She laughed then and said she liked the fucking part best. He laughed. He asked her to send her picture, He wanted her picture.

Minutes later she sent him two pictures. She was nude on the bed in the hotel. She was nude in the bathroom standing by the counter. She said her friend had helped with the pictures. The bathroom shot was stunning, she was standing in four inch heels, looking into the mirror. Her chest was arched upward. Her entire body was lovingly on display. Seeing her picture made him want her more.

Tuesday he took a picture of Denise, in her heels in the bathroom, she was holding her breasts out to him. He compared the pictures. Both of them were beautiful and sexy. They both looked very much alike. Built just the same, Christina was leaner and had a bigger chest. Her picture was more striking. His memory was overwhelmed with her smile as he held her up and drove into her love machine. It was pierced in seconds and she smiled her satisfaction with her achievement. He grew erect thinking of that memory.

Denise found him on the balcony and she stepped behind him, her arms wrapped around him and she held his swollen sword. She knelt in front of him and in minutes she was wiping her face with the back of her hand. Smiling at him. “Baby you must tell me when you need relief, I want you happy and satisfied, always.” They went to bed and he slept soundly.

As he rolled over in the morning she was on top of him and he drove into her and she smiled. “I want this Rubén, I want you deep in me.” She was moving and he pulled her to his chest driving upward into her and working her hard. She was twisting and shaking in his hands as she groaned loudly, “Yes baby, now, now.”

He exploded into her and she cried out. A long wail. She fell over him, her breasts in his face, shaking. The showered and dressed. She made breakfast and they went to work. He had a nice day, he had programmed for a piece they needed and he produce 30 of them that day. It was fun. At 4:30 he was setting up another run of another piece when a woman asked him to go to a room number 128. He made everything safe and walked to the elevator. He walked off looking for the number. He went right and stood in front of 128. He knocked and the door opened. A police officer waved him in and then left behind him.

A small man with a black beard sat in front of him. “Good day Rubén, my name is Leo Moreau. Come in.”

Rubén sat in front of the man and looked across the desk. A suit.

“I wonder if you could help me, I have here an inquiry from the Spanish government regarding a young lady, a concierge in a hotel where you stayed. This lady may have been assaulted or sexually abused. One of her co-workers filed a complaint on her behalf. They have interviewed the alleged woman and she had denied the report. You are the alleged abuser. Would you comment on this?”

“No, I have no comment.”

The man looked at him. “I work for the same company that you work for, I am in charge of criminal and civil complaints. This type of complain is very common, someone saw something they thought was this and in reality is was something else. The young lady is a trusted employee and her company has no comment. It would appear to be a bad complaint. But you have nothing to say?”

Rubén watched the man. “You are not a policeman, you are a company employee?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Hypothetically, if I sent for this young women and she came here to live with me, what would be the company’s position?”

“It would not be of interest to the company. Your love life is yours. However, if there ever arose a complaint from her, it would be swiftly responded to and without doubt be bad for you. You are not a citizen of Spain, and neither is she, the government’s reaction in that situation would be to deport you both, I believe.”

“Let me be clear, if you know the woman and there is something between you then she should acknowledge it and so should you. Sex between two adults is no one’s business. That’s on the understanding that there was no violence, no physical injury.”

“I know the woman. She works in the hotel where I stayed. She left me a note and I contacted her. We shared sex. She was a virgin, yes?”

“I understand, there was a sex act and she was satisfied as were you?”

“Yes. We have talked several times since then.”

“And you intention is to ask her to join you here, to live with you?”

“Perhaps, I haven’t asked her, and I have a roommate living with me now.”

“Aahhh. But of course, you are young and good looking, perhaps you handle women in a special way, yes?”

“They like me, and I like them. But my roommate doesn’t know of the the young lady, although the young lady knows of the roommate? What am I to

He smiled, then he chuckled. “My friend at this point I have nothing more to say. I will close this inquiry and leave you to solve this problem. As Rubén stood, the man looked up with concern on his face. “Is the women involved Denise?”

Rubén stopped and stood very still, he turned back to Leo Moreau, and nodded.

“You have excellent tastes Rubén, and I hope you are successful, she is a woman I admire greatly.

Rubén walked out and closed the door. As he walked home he thought of the issues. In the apartment he sat waiting. He knew they would talk to her and he was fearful of what might be said. He sat in his living room, waiting. Night fell and she didn’t return, he called her and her phone took a message. He sat there for a long time and then went to sleep in the bed. It smelled like her. In the morning her took a shower and dressed. He made coffee and he looked through her clothes. She was still living with him, her make up was on the bathroom counter. Her shoes were in the closet.

He had a second cup of coffee. He called her again. Then he called Leo Moreau. “Yes, this is Leo.”

“This is Rubén. Denise didn’t not come home last night, her clothes are still here and her make up. What has happened to her?”

“My friend she was arrested late last night at the police station. She had made some bad decisions about the duties of her position and company monies. These things took place while you were being recruited, but they are things she alone did. I suspect she will be sent to Belgium. She had dual citizenship. I suspect in the weeks ahead she will call and ask for something, her clothes certainly. You may respond to her and do or not do what she asks. She will not be allowed to return to Spain. And you, my friend, are free to do what your heart tells you to do. You might call Christina and ask her to come to you, I might do that if I were you.”

Rubén cried, quietly The tears falling on to his shirt.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, my friend you did not. Maybe too many women at one time, but it is not a crime. Call your woman, live your life, and enjoy you job.”

The phone clicked off. He sat there for some time and call Christina. Her mother answered. “Rubén she has forgotten her phone. She has been talking to the police and she is upset. If you want I can call her at work and get her to call you, are you alright?”

“Yes, they talked to me, I did nothing wrong. They fired the woman with me at the hotel.”

“That is good, Rubén, my daughter loves you very much, please be nice to her, take care of her. I will buy her a ticket and she will be with you on the next flight, is that what you want?”

“Yes, I want her.”

“Good, take care, get some rest.”

He set the phone down and cried. It was his fault on some level, he knew that in his heart. He bought some boxes and very carefully packed her things. He put the cosmetics in a plastic bag. He seal them carefully and sat them behind the front door. He changed the sheets and washed the dirty ones. He washed his clothes. He took a nap. He went to the airport and waited for her. He drank three cups of coffee and went to the bathroom twice. The flight landed. As the passengers came off the airplane he saw her, she looked taller and more beautiful. She was walking like a model, she had four inch heels and she moved like a model. She was searching the crowd looking for him, he raised his hand and waved, her face crumpled into tears and she ran to him, into his arms and she laid her head on his shoulder.

“Rubén, te amo!”

He held her lightly, carefully in his arms. She snuggled against him and he felt all of her. He kissed her ear and she cried to him “te amo, te amo.”

The got her three bags and he took her to the apartment. She walked in and turned to him, “El baño?”

He led her to the bathroom and she smiled, she handed him her purse and she pulled up her skirt. She made water, watching his face, she moved to the bidet, and then she smiled. She stood before him, they were watching each other.

“Rubén quiero hacerte el amor?”

“Yes Christina I want to make love to you.”

He opened his arms to her and she came to him. He picked her up and carried her to the bed. They both undressed quickly and then he found her on top of him, her kissed were feverish, hot, passionate. He held her tightly and she looked into his face and she said, “I am yours now, you will keep me for yourself?”

“Yes baby, just you for me?”

That night was like a movie, their romance had matured, her passion for him had not. She held him tightly and he found her soft parts, she was damp and eager. She was wonderfully loud in two languages. After three rounds he felt tired, but satisfied. She poured wine for him and she had some too. She giggled as they talked, she told him it was like her dream come true. Her mother had come to the hotel and asked for her. She had taken her outside on the patio and told her of his call. Her mother told her, go home now and pack while I buy the ticket.

She stopped and looked at him, “Rubén she told me to stop taking the pill, I told her I could not do that, it was for you to tell me to carry your baby, yes?”

He grinned at her. “That time will come, but now we will celebrate each other, later we will make babies.”

That night was torrid. She was certainly passionate, but she was tender. She wanted all of him all of the time. Early in the morning she fell asleep in his arms and he held her as he sleep. In the morning her heard her bare feed on the tile, for some reason it sounded so hot. She was on the balcony moving in a dance of celebration. He picked her up, her legs surround him and he held her thighs. She was bare foot and naked. In his hands her breasts were in his face, he milked her carefully and she hummed to him. A Spanish melody, her nipples hard to his lips. When he was ready her lowered her on to his penetrator and she settled on him with a smile. Her arms were around his neck and she said softly, “You are so hot, so hard. I am loving you and you are killing me with the little death. My mother told me about men like you. You will fill me with your seed and then leave me along the road with my big belly carrying you little baby. And I will be happy for your gift to me.”

He drove her against a wall, beating her with his strength and holding her so tightly and she groaned. She cried out. She kissed his ear and she bit his ear lobe, he felt it, there was blood and she was drinking of him. He roared and plunged into the the softness of her, she leaned away from him, his was blood on her lips and her nails were buried in his shoulders. She screamed out to him and he filled her, he gave her all of it. He carried her to the bedroom and they fell as one.

Later she was over him, her legs on each side of his chest. She was wiping him with a wash clothe and he opened his eyes and she was smiling at him. “My man I have marked you now, my teeth are in your ear. She will know you are spoken for, you will not get anything from those women, because you are now mine. We must be married in the church. My mother said this to me.”

He smiled, He pulled her down to him and he kissed her until she became calm and then his teeth found her ear and he felt her jerk as he brought his teeth to her. She cried, “Yes you do this, my man will mark me and I will always be his. Do this you bastard, leave me with the mark of a taken women. I am your slut and your whore.” He slowly applied the pressure and she shook in his arms, shaking and enduring the pain. He tasted it first, her blood was on his lips and he let him teeth relax as he sucked her blood. She collapsed on him and she said, “As the Heavenly Mother has made me my man has taken me for his own, I am chosen.”

He looked at her confused, what did she mean. She groaned and said in her sleepy voice. “We have shared the blood, we are Maya and you have selected me, taken me for yours, and I have accepted you as mine. It is done, we are now one.”

Her eyes closed and her breathing slowed, she was fully relaxed. Her ear showed the single mark of a tooth. The tooth had crushed her skin in a small little puncture, both side of the lobe. He went into the bath room and washed his face with a washcloth, examining her bite. It was as his, almost like a pierced ear, a place to hang jewelry. The bleeding had stopped. He went back and washed her ear.

He dressed quickly and went down his street to a small store. He bought a set of pierced earrings with a small white ball of plastic. He hurried back. In the bathroom he selected one of the pieces and he slowly pushed the pin in, it went through and he attached the clip. He was wearing a pierced ear piece. He went to her, she had curled into a ball and he had to roll her over to see the ear. He gently pushed the pin through and fastened the clip. He realized slowly that they had the same ear, the right ear, now held the pins. He was hungry he ate. He let her sleep and night was on them. He undressed and lay with her, curled around her. They slept late Sunday morning and she woke first. She went to the bathroom and used the bidet. Then she looked in the mirror. She touched it, her ear was tender, she remembered then. Her mother had said he would preform the ritual and he had. She was now the queen of this god, she smiled with the recognition. She made coffee for them and poured the cups, she carried them to the bedside table and she saw what he had done. They were mated now, truly mated.

She felt the shiver run through her and she knew then it was all real. The Maya way had been within them, her mother knew from when she first saw him. Her mother told her she would have to surrender to him, be impaled by him. And that was done. Now they had shared their blood and as a symbol of that they were mated now, before the Gods. She smiled at the wonder of it all. She shook him gently and he pulled her close. She kissed his lips and ran her tongue over his lips. He smiled,”Coffee, yes?”

She handed him the cup and he sipped it, he was smiling at her. She touched his ear and he flinched, “That’s sore.”

She smiled, “It will heal, and I will get the sign made for us. My mother will see the Priest of the Maya. It is special for people like us. You have taken me and made me yours, now we are mated as if God himself had blessed us.” She sat with her back against the bed board. She had nothing on, she was simply beautiful, her smile warmed him.

She went into the closet and put on her high heels and went into the kitchen. She was in the sunlight making eggs and he watched her with admiration. She was a perfect women, in her heels her legs were a mile long. She quickly finished and brought two small plates with forks. She made some toast and they ate buttered toast. She poured more coffee. She slipped into bed beside him and she said, “You must take me again, this is Sunday and it must happen today.”

“What must happen?”

“Each Sunday until I am spoiled we must come together, I am on the pill so it will go on until I am off the pill. Every Sunday you must share with me your seed. When I am with child, after the third month we must not be together. Especially on Sunday. You can talk to the Priest about this and he will explain.”

“What is spoiled?”

“When your seed and my egg are together. Then the baby is working. I will be spoiled, unfit for coupling.”

He lay beside her thinking about all this and wondering what he had done. She was so matter of fact, so certain, and she scared him a little. She rolled over him, her leg between his and she said to him, “You have made me very happy, I will do everything for you. We will be very happy all of our lives.”

He pulled her on top of him and they kissed until she climbed onto his waist and took him. She stared at him and he slipped inside her and she moaned. She said to him, “I should have known. That first time when you took me, I should have known. I didn’t believe my mother until that happened, and then I knew. When I told her she wanted every detail and she smiled.”

She moved on him and he felt the delight of her, her muscles inside working her legs. He watched her stomach and she moved, it rippled with her movement and she whispered to him. “Take me my man, drive me over to the other side, hold me tight, don’t let me get away from you.” She giggled and began sliding on him, she leaned to him and took his hands for her breasts and she closed her eyes. “It is all you Rubén.”

Using his feet and legs her lifted her slightly and he held her soft breasts. He leaned to her and put his lips on her and she moaned, “Suck me harder, use your teeth.” He moved from one to the other and she held herself up to him. His hands were squeezing her. He looked up to her and she smiled at him. “I am yours baby.” He felt her move and it set him off, he let loose of her breasts and held her hips as he lifted her moving deeper. She began jerking in his hands, fighting him. He reached for her shoulders and pulled her against his chest as he began driving her. Hard. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open, he kissed her. She bit his lips lightly and he held her tightly and drove all the way.
She gasped then, the sound of her fully and completely filled. Something in her was touching the tip of him in a way that made him see black. He closed his eyes and held her, “I am yours, you are mine.”

“Yes my lord, I am yours.” He froze then she was limp and he held her, pined by him. His sword was deep and pounding inside of her, even as they both were still. Her eyes opens and she smiled at him. “You are taking me I feel it.” She reared back and he felt her weight on his hips, locking them them together. She was shaking, little violent shakes, rapid. And then she fell forward onto his chest. Her hair splayed over him, the ear there shinning. He held her for a long time, she was still on him for a long time.

He came to understand that this was practice for the real thing and the thought scared him. If he was going to be creating people he needed more practice? He had always thought of it as a by product of the rich feelings of sex, now it was to a an earth shattering thing of religious significance. His woman was lying in his arms completely taken by what they were doing. Her intensity was simply unbelievable. The first time he thought it was because of the first time. Now he wasn’t sure what to think.

And her smile, it wrinkles her nose, walked into his heart like a Dior model on the runway.

Five weeks later, her mother arrived with her older sister. He came home from work feeling excited, he didn’t know what but he was looking forward to ravishing his wife. It had become a ritual with them, he thought they both enjoyed it. The mother came to him in the hallway, as he entered and she smiled. She came to him and took his hands she looked up to him and said something in a foreign language he didn’t understand. She said in Spanish, “Rubén my son, you are a gift from the Gods. You have made me so happy, can I kiss you?” He leaned down to her and she kissed him on the lips, her arms around his neck holding him tightly. Finally, she released him and smiled. He pointed to a tall version of Christina and said,, “this is Itzel, my other daughter. She is older, but has the same father as Christina.”

Itzel and Christina were holding each other, watching him. They were talking to each other quietly, and they were smiling. The mother took his hand and led him to the daughters, she spoke to them rapidly. Christina came to him and led him into the kitchen. “My love, some wine?”
“I didn’t know your mother was coming.”

“I didn’t tell you, it had to be a surprise.”

“We can put them in the spare bedroom, I’ll clear the bed for them.”

“It has been done my Lord, everything is in readiness. You will have some wine and relax. I will take a walk and my mother would like to talk to you, please listen to her my love. This is very important to me.”

She handed him a dark red wine and he tasted it. It was dry and crisp. “Christina I will do anything for you, you know that. Just ask me.”
She looked up at her husband and she smiled. “I know you Rubén, we live together and I know that this might be hard for you, what you should remember is that I want this, and you should want it too.” She added more wine to his glass. He took the bottle from her and saw the Italian label, it was a private blend from the Basilica de Santa Maria della Salute. He stared at her, ”My Mother has brought the wine with her, it has been blessed for you and you alone. She brought it when she took my sister there for her review, for her holy mission.”

“He stared at her, “Her holy mission?”

“Yes my Lord, she is here for you. She is intact and she must be held in your arms and no other. You must perform for her, hold her and break the seal and submit your seed to her. You have done this for me, now I ask for my mother that you do this for my sister. She is free to do this, she has been directed to bear children from your seed. My mother is a lay person who is a follower of the female sect of women Priests of ancient times. The church for them is something very special. They have watched you and they have selected you, because you picked me and because of your skills.”

He sat on the edge of the table and sipped the wine. He looked at his love and thought about what she had said. He couldn’t understand why his wife would ask this of him. She leaned in to him and kissed him, she refilled his glass. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute is the home of our church. She smiled to him, She opened her blouse and watched his face. She came close to him and kissed his lips. She took his hand and led him to the second bedroom. The mother was by the door, the sister was lying on the bed, she was nude.

She was very beautiful and she smiled to him. Christina started helping him with his clothes, she was at his feet removing his shoes. She whispered to him, “Do this for me, I am in your debt.” She picked up his clothes and left the three of them. The mother took his hand and led him to the bed. He was between her legs, she leaned to him and kissed him. Her lips were hot and fruity, he felt her with his tongue and she responded. She slipped lower under him and pulled him down on top of her. They kissed and she made small sounds and he grew hard. He rose above her and placed himself in the vee and she smiled.

He slipped into her, she was wet. He softly said, “This may hurt, I am sorry for the pain. She nodded to him.

“Thank you for the pain my Lord, I have waited a long time for you and I am now yours. He pushed into her and she gasped. He pulled back slightly and her mother behind him put her cold hands on his cheeks and pushed him forward. She drove him into Itzel in one quick drive deep and she cried out, her voice was like music and she sang of pain and love, her arms were around his neck and he couldn’t move.

She held him and her heels were behind him locking his knees as she rose up lifting him and driving him again and again deep into her softness. He worked with her and matched her moves and she opened her eyes and smiled to him. She released her arms and he rose over her, she curled her hips for him and he began moving against her harder and quicker. She groaned and her mother was beside her whispering to her. He looked at the mother and the old woman smiled, “You are so good to us.”

He felt himself swelling inside her and the pressure of his river building, he groaned to her and she held his hips pulling herself upward to receive him. He bucked as he felt the explosion and the hot river of seed found her and she gasped. She was shaking she cried out. A soft cry of joy. Her legs were over his knees and she locked him tightly, her nails on his shoulders. She was jerking, fighting some demon of her own. And he relaxed onto of her, she held him there tightly. His breathing slowed and he relaxed. They were still joined and he felt she might not let him loose.

She was kissing him, her hands in his hair pulling him to her lips, he relaxed in her hands. He lay with her and closed his eyes. He had no idea how long her slept. He was on his back when he woke, she was beside him smiling and they were alone. Her fingers were tracing his chest. She kissed his chest and then his lips. She shivered and moved closer to him. They began touching each other and exploring each other. She raised up over him and offered him her breasts, he sucked her and she mewed to him. Her hand was below his stomach and she had him. He responded to her need and she knelt over him, straddled over his waist she used her legs to raise over him, she positioned him quickly as she settled over him. He felt her, her heat and her tightness.

She was moving on him and he relaxed for her. Her face got very red and she began breathing hard, like a runner in a sprint. She leaned her head over his and stared at him, an intense look of wonder. Her hands were on his face and she sank to his lips, they were working each other and he exploded in her. She moaned, “Rubén I like this very much. I will give you a boy child my Lord. I can feel it already, inside of me it is happening. She smiled.

“My Lord can I stay with you until it is time, I need you for this. I will be very thankful for this?”

He smiled and said, “Christina?”

Itzel rose off of him and left the room, she was dripping as she walked out. The mother walked in and stared at him. “You are something different from my man, you are special. It has been many years of me, now I am old and not beautiful as my daughters. She closed the door and came to the side of the bed. Her eyes were black, she smiled. “Yes, you will allow me?”

He said nothing. She undressed. She was of that age when women are no longer firm and smooth, but her eyes and her voice spoke to him. She lay beside him and her hand held his hand. She rolled to him and kissed his ear, he smiled. She knelt over his waist and her lips found him wet with her daughter. She looked at his face and took him. Her tongue was on a very sensitive part and it started. She was humming something as she worked. When she was ready she climbed on him and took him. Her hands were on his chest and she grinned, “Is has been so long my Lord, I had forgotten the heat, the fire. She leaned over him and rested her chest against his chest and she whispered, “Take me Lord, do for me.”
He rose his hips with his legs, his heels deep in the mattress. She was light and he curled into her and drove her, back and forth until her eyes opened and she smiled. She kissed his chest. “I am ready now Lord.” He felt himself release to her and she rose up her eyes locked with his eyes. She was shaking. Her hips came alive driving down on him and she cried softly. “It is done my Lord, it is done.”

That was a very quiet evening, showers, soft voices and cool evening breezes. He was wearing his boxers and drinking coffee in the kitchen, women would walk by him their hands soft on his shoulders or lips at his ears. He walked out the balcony after dark and sat in a comfortable chair. The city was quiet, an occasional car, mopeds. There was more laughter of the walkers talking while they strolled the narrow streets. He went back to the kitchen and Itzel followed him back to the balcony and she pulled a chair close to his. Rubén smiled at her and said, “You are a beautiful woman and a wonderful lover.”

She smiled and held his eyes, “I tell you now, if you and I had met first, I would have taken you then. I would have recognized you and known the truth. I would have married you then. I would be yours and you would want me everyday, as I would want you. My madre is a wonderful woman, but she is held by the old ways of the Mayan church, she believes in the corn God more than the Pope. She scares me sometimes, but she is mia madre.”

“I am without words, surrounded by beautiful, passionate women who rule me with iron and wood.”

She turned her chair and shifted to move herself to him. “Are you always hungery for the woman?”

“I am weak, I enjoy them. I have only my work. I could live like this forever. My work and then my women. A beer and the cool nights. The wonderful sun here, I like this Spain more than Italia, the humidity is so low. This town is all new, since the factories like mine, they build for the factory and then for the workers, and then the stores. Everything is new. There is the train here and the airport. I will use a bike for work soon, my belly is too big.”

She looked at him. “Rubén you are handsome and fit, you have such strength when you hold your woman. You are my first man and I know now that you will always be, in my heart, my only man. I want to live with you. I will ask Christina if I can stay for a while. Will you want me here, just for you? I can help with the house?”

He looked at her and asked, “Did you bring heels?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Put them on, and then bring me another beer.”

She jumped up and left him. He felt very conflicted, she was more woman than Christina. She was taller and more rounded. She was easily a C cup. He had not said anything, but when he looked at her he felt his need more than Christina. She seemed to do things slower, more sensuous, languid. She walked slower and her walk was very exciting. He heard her coming back. She set the beer by his side, she took the empty and returned it to the kitchen and came back. She stood beside his chair for a moment and then walked to the balcony. She leaned over to look down, there was no one there, She moved back and stood, her legs were wide apart as she turned to him.

He watched her walk back to his chair, “Take off your panties.”

She stared at him and said, “I have none.”

She moved closer and his hand, cold from the beer slipped under the dress and slipped between her legs. She shivered and smiled, she stepped closer and his hand went higher. She pulled up her dress and pulled his hand tightly against her. She looked at him and she moved side to side, her eyes locked with his. She was wet and slippery. He slipped a finger into her and she grinned, “You are the devil man my lord. I want more of you, is this the place you want to make me scream?”

He stood and took her hand, they walked down the stairs and on the second landing was a laundry. He opened the door and led her into the dark room There was a long bench and he dropped his trousers and then his underwear. He sat and she stood moving one leg on each side and she slowly settled on top of him. She fell to him and he slipped deeply into her. Her arms were around his neck and her face was close. He kissed her and she moaned. She looked into his eyes and whispered, “I want you too much, I cannot stand to be alone and without you.” She moved and he smiled.
She began working him, using her legs and hips she was enjoying him. Her eyes on his. She paused and her hips jerked quickly. She sighed. Then she started moving again and singing, not words just sounds of joy. She was using her tongue and her sounds drove him to the edge. She looked at him and said, “I want you and you didn’t answer. I will kill my sister and then you will have me.” My mother will understand, you and I are the match that was meant to be.”

His arms loosened and his hands were over her shoulders from the back. He pulled her down on his lap and she smiled. He kissed her, it was a long kiss. His head went to her ear and he used his teeth. He applied the pressure and she cried out, He held her tightly and she could not move, he tightened his grip on her ear. And her cry stopped, she surrendered to him and he broke the skin and tasted her blood, she was moaning now, loudly. He sucked the lobe as the blood flowed and then he released her. He removed the small white stone in his ear and inserted into her ear. She shook with the pain. He dabbed her with his handkerchief. He then picked her up holding her by her bottom and began driving into her she held on to his neck and began gasping. “My lord I am yours, let me have it.”

He kept at her she jerked violently and screamed, like an owl in the dark. He fought to hold her to him and she became calm once more, he worked her again and she whispered, “I surrender, completely. I will do as you command.”

He kept moving into her lifting her high and getting closer to her, she was leaning away from him and she began to grin. Her legs were kicking outward and he held her very tight. He released his fire and she shuddered in his arms. “My God you have undone me.” He slowly eased the pressure of his arms and she slumped over him. He set her down on the bench and the pulled a paper towel from the dispenser, he mopped up the blood, carefully. He pulled her up and let her dress fall. He took her hand and walked her out of the building ans down the walk to the same little store. He bought another set of the ear rings and they left. In the light of the street he inserted one of them into his ear.They walked back to his apartment and rode up the elevator. He turned to her. “Take off the skirt, I want to see you walk. She quickly stepped out of the skirt and they walked down the hall, he followed her. She moved better than a hungry snake in the grass. Her legs were Greek. At the door she turned to him. “Mia madre will know, she will do something.”

“Yes, she will.”

Inside the apartment it was quiet and she walked to the door of the bedroom. He followed her. Her mother was sitting in a chair reading. She looked up at them and she nodded. She closed the book and picked up her purse, “I will sleep with Christina.” She walked by him, her hand on his chest she leaned against and whispered. “Have you chosen this one?”

He ignored her and walked to the bed. He undressed and then showered. She came in with him and they washed each other. Later in the bed she laid herself over him, her knee in his groin. Her breasts flattened on his chest. There was dry blood around her ear piece. He slept and woke early. She had rolled away from him and he had followed her. He was curled around her. His arm was under her neck and pillow. His other hand was holding her breast. He rolled her on her stomach and pulled away from her. He went to the bathroom and came back with some lotion. He poured a teaspoon on her back side. It slowly, oh so slowly the lotion flowed down the center of her spine in to the valley between her cheeks and quickly fell down into those rare regions of delight. She sighed and he traced the route and her eyes opened to him, just like the rest of her.

She smiled and he snuggled behind her and pulled her close and she felt him there beginning to grow out of his hunger for her and she sighed. They worked slowly, lazy and soft with each other. The last minute was tempestuous, of course. She called out to him, he silently responded.
That day was languid. Sunday, low key with smells of outdoor cooking. Children playing. And then that occasional sound every adult recognized sounded somewhere close by and those hearing it looked to those they were with thinking it should be them. The female of them felt that little feeling deep inside that wanted that sound, from within themselves. Full throated and buoyant, unashamed.

She snoozed and he rose, quietly pulled on some soft cotton slacks and an old tee shirt, an Arsenal. He wore some sandals and left her, closing the door. No one was moving, it was after twelve. He picked up his phone and wallet, and walked out. In the hall he stood quietly, staring at the opposite of the wall and seeing the whiteness, the purity of that color. He smiled to himself. He walked to the elevator and waited quietly. The door opened and he stepped in, there was a woman there, she stood so close her could smell her. He looked up and she smiled, “Your the one, I hear you making love sometimes. The women you take cry in the night with what you do to them.”
He nodded. Her eyes were lively, her smile seemed animated, and her breath was intoxicating. They stood looking at each other and slowly he leaned to her and let his lips brush her lips. She closed her eyes and whispered to him, “Come with me?”

He stepped back into the hall and followed her, she went to the stairs and they walked down a floor. She opened an apartment there and he followed her in. She lived alone her apartment was classically designed and furnished. Huge paintings of blue or red filled her walls, plaster statues of roman columns. Plants of Ivy wound in things of black mesh. She had walked away and into a room. He stood there in the doorway, looking at what was art, of that he was certain. A large white leather couch sat opposite a white leather love couch. He stood, he could hear her in the other room, hie eyes slowly sweeping the room and feeling, and maybe for the first time in his life an appreciation of the art, in that limited space. Nothing was too big, and not overwhelmed. But everything in the room complimented some other part of the room.

Her heard her moving and she was there in the bedroom doorway, leaning there. She was undressed, She had on white hose and white heels, nothing else. Nothing else was needed, she was perfectly clothed. Her breasts were heavier, but balanced and pert. She had complete confidence in her presentation. He smiled it was, ‘come here man’, I want to taste of you. She spoke then, something he found remarkable. Not for her words, but the voice she used. It was a slight list and that lower octave of a much older woman. It wasn’t loud, it wasn’t soft. She said, “I want you to do to me what you do to them, I want to scream with you. I need that.”

She walked over to him and they kissed, his arms at his side, her arms around his neck. Her lips on his and her tongue inside meeting with his tongue; she held him and he resisted, he heard his voice in his ear and realized he was groaning to her. She pulled him tightly and his arms rose slowly to her hips, he was being taken.

His clothes on the couch and him in the middle of her bed, she riding him staring down at him like a laser sight. Her face broke, a big smile and she looked up at the ceiling and she screamed, her cry was rejoicement of being a woman. She looked down and said, “You are really that thing I dreamed about, all those nights hearing you and now I feel you.”

He smiled and her hands fell to his shoulders and her breasts swung on his chest. “You used me, like a dog in heat, you took me. Does that make it better for you?”

She wiggled on top of him and she said, “I’m not going to apologize to you, I wanted you and I took you. It’s like rape of a woman, except you’re a big husky man. You want to punish mt to slap me? Beat my ass? I’m here for whatever you want. You come to me when you want me, you take me. Will you ask my permission first, no you’ll take me swearing and crying. And you’ll go deep in me and grin while you do it. The thing is that when you do that, I’ll love you for it, I’ll know you care enough to beat my ass. And I’ll love you, as I do now.”

She came down to him her lips on his and she said, “Softly, I want this. I want you. I’m 35 years old and I’ve been screwed before, you’re special and I want that. I’ll move you here, you want a car? What do you want from me?”

“I want what you want, I want those same things. I want it special. I want to scream my joy like you do. I want you when I want you, not when you want me. I love your apartment and I respect you for living in a space that reflects a taste for the arts. But I also feel terrible used when your only reason for inviting me here is to jump in bed with me.” He pushed her aside and started dressing. She rolled off the bed, she still wore her high heels.

She stood in front of him. “Listen this isn’t easy for me, I’ve been listening to you screw those women upstairs. I know them and their mother are younger, more beautiful. I couldn’t help myself, my body would not sleep until I felt it. Now I’ve felt it, what do you want from me, money?”

He stared at her and then he turned away. He closed the door gently and walked down the hall. He pulled out his cell and and looked at it. He put it away. On the street he looked in both directions and turned to his left. He seemed to remember turning to the right more times than the left. He walked for blocks until he found a book store. He wandered the isles until he found himself looking at bock on CNC. The cover was his machine. He bought the book and walked home. As he opened the door all three women were sitting in the living room talking, they stopped when he came in.

He got a beer from the cooler and found a comfortable chair. He stared reading. They stood and walked into one of the bedrooms and closed the door. He didn’t notice. He was enthralled with the book. It had listings of programs and it explained how to program. It explained how to enter a program and then save it to a USB stick. He was amazed that the machine he worked with every day was so well engineered to enable direct access to its computer. His supervisor that first week had stood by and watched him do his work, after he watched he left. Two days later he came to him smiling, “You have a career here Rubén, we like your ability.” Last week he had asked about a school in Madrid and they had said no. His supervisor explained that they wanted to keep his skills sharp, but they were afraid he would use the school to job shop.

He suddenly had an idea. He pulled out his laptop and started searching for a CNC machinist group in every social program. It wasn’t long before he found one of the groups, it was hosted by the company who made his machine, he smiled. He signed up and in the form was a separate page for operators. He filled out that page and entered his current email and cell. He started reading some of the most recent posts. They seemed to be about the size of and the type of USB drives for the CNC computer. Someone had posted the published specifications and he wrote them down, he had never seen one used, except in school when an instructor reset the machine. You could save the computer memory and then reset the machine in the field. He signed off and went shopping. He bought three sticks of different sizes, they all met the specifications. He looked at other things in the computer store, they had a sale on older designed Personal Information Managers(PIM). He bought one and then went to an outdoor area for a beer while he studied the thing. He added a completely random password with non-printing letters and then saved the information. He began making notes, he made four folders, two for work, one personal, and the last one titled Women. He entered some cell phone numbers and saved those.

He slipped the thing in his pocket and sipped his beer. He saw her a long way off, she was walking quickly down the street. Her skirt was too short, men were staring, the heels were four inchers. She held her head up, ignoring all of the eyes. Then she saw him and tuned, she came to his table and pulled out a chair and sat down. Her skirt of light weight cotton fluffed around her and he saw she was naked, below. He smiled.
She watched his face and she said, “I apologize to you. I was rude and I was disrespectful and you were right to call me on these things. I was horny, for days I have listened and each time I grew tighter and tighter. A woman sitting near by was smiling, her husband was talking to her, but she was watching Rubén. He glanced at her and she smiled and he smiled. She held him and then she raised her hand to him in a gesture of helplessness. He nodded.

“My name is Valentina Sabini and I am from Italy. I have lived here for years. I do art, and I have a shop. I am not married. I have no lovers. I am not gay. You and I are of the same age, why should we not enjoy each other. My mother was English, she was Eliza Handley. I am speaking Spanish, Italia, and English.”

The woman behind Val, as she liked to be called, moved her hands under their table and she looked at me and used a universal gesture of the fore finger of one hand inserted into the fore finger and thumb circle of the other hand. She slid her finger in and out of the hole several times watching him. He laughed.

Val raised her left eyebrow into an arch of indignation and she fell silent.

“I am impressed, you are an educated whore then?”

She stared at him, “You mock me, but if I am to have you then I am a whore. But I am your whore, no one else for me.”

She held her hand up and the waiter hurried to her, she leaned forward and said, “I want the same,” she pointed at Rubén.

The waiter hung over her for an instant, she looked up at him as he stared at her blouse. She reached out to his leg and pinched him. He jumped and left. She sat back, waiting on him to speak. The beer came.

They sat starring at each other for a long time. The sun had fallen and now the air was cooler. He sipped his beer and said, “What do you suggest for us? Would you carry me in your purse and pull me out when I was needed?” He heard the other women laughing, but his eyes were locked on Val. She looked at her hands in her lap. She drank half of her beer and said nothing.

“I am silly, yes?”

“I’m not sure, you know I am married to the little one upstairs. She is now, but nineteen.”

Val looked away, down the street and she said to him, her head still on the street. “I will kill her for you?”

He nodded slowly, “And her sister and mother are left?”

She turned back to him she had tears in her eyes. She tilted her head back, and licked her lips. “I am, but a woman. I don’t know what to do. I want you very badly and I have tasted you. It is like the narco thing, yes?”

“And my children Val, what is to be come of them?

“My god Rubén I will do anything for you. You can keep me in your wallet and pull me out when you need me. Call me on the cell and I will come. I’ll offer you anything I have. I cannot give you children, I am fixed.” Her eyes now ere full of tears and he pulled out his handkerchief and handed it to her. She dabbed her eyes very lightly, she was very feminine, her nails were Irish Green. “I will move, leave my apartment so I cannot hear. I will get something closer to town. Something higher with bigger bedroom and balcony, more privacy. A hot tub. I’ll get you a car. A sporty car?”

He felt like some type of low life now. The woman was now frowning at him. He looked at her and said, “Did you miss the part where I said I was married?” The woman sat back and frowned. He looked away and when he looked back she was crying and her husband was helping her up. She walked right by him, without a glance.

Val was looking at him, “I will buy you a divorce. I have a good lawyer.”

He leaned forward, looking into her eyes. “Are you a groupie or something? You hear me and my wife making love and now you want to own me? Do you see how crazy that is, I’ve told you I am married. You chose not to hear me?”

She finished her beer and said, very slowly. “Mi amante I am yours, from today on, I will listen for your voice and I will obey your command, there is nothing more I can do.” She walked by him and headed back, her walk was magnificent. Her cell was sitting on the table and he picked it up, he copied her number into his phone. He sent her a text with his number. He checked her contacts. He finished his beer and left, following her .

In the building he took the stairs and at her floor she was opening her door. She looked at him and smiled, he held out the phone and she reached out for it. He put it in her hand and pulled her into her apartment. He held her tightly and looked into her eyes. “I am going to fuck you, it will be quick.” He led her to the couch and bent her over the arm on her stomach. He lifted her dress up to her back and he opened his pants. She was wet he slipped into her going deeply, she moaned. His hands on her hips he started working her, she was limp in his hands and she moaned. She cried out once and then fell back, he kept using her. She said something and he felt the volcano bubbling, the heat was intense. He leaned over her and said, “Here is my gift Val.” He erupted into her his weight on her hips his hands sliding to her breasts and he held her as she fought him. She cried out and he held her. He backed away and left her. He closed his pants and walked to the stairs.
In the apartment he started reading the article in the magazine. There was a long list of companies looking for qualified machinists, the salaries were going up. He pulled out the sticks and slipped them in to his laptop, they were blank, but readable. He left them as they were slipping them into his pocket. He realized he would need a hiding place for these little items and his PIM. He went online and looked at cases for cell phones. He found a case that would hold both the phone and the PIM.

He left for work the next day, he had slept with Itzel that night and for the next week. No one spoke of this, she was always willing and smiling. Just before lunch she called him, “Rubén, you are my love. I wanted to know if there is a chance for us, I want your love you see.”
He was caught off guard, but he said what he thought she wanted to hear. “ Yes, my love, you have my love.”

“I am blessed Rubén, truly bless to be with you. I want for you to know I’m yours. Not just in the bed, you know, but in the mind. I am thinking of you my love, be safe for me.” She hung up. He looked out across the shop and grinned. She was a real woman, not a teenager and she spoke from her heart.

He finished in time for lunch and the supervisor came to him and said, “How did the new patch go, it is loaded?”

“Oh, yes it loaded and there were no problems. You know I can call them is there is a problem.”

“Ah, I would like us to talk before you call, yes?”

“Of course, I will find you first?”

“Good, very good.”
He left for lunch, he had a copy of the last patch, he had reloaded it on his USB stick. He had looked at the last five pieces and they were all identical, he had no ideal what they were for or who the customer would be. He checked his email at lunch while he ate. There was an email from another operator in France, he mentioned the last two patches and the other man expressed concern, he was not getting any updates. He would call the factory.

Val came to him, she knew where he ate, when he was working. She was wearing a nice dress and her hair was in a pony tail. “You look very nice today Val.”

She sat beside him and she smiled, “I love you asshole, of course I look nice for you, but only you.” They chatted, their heads close, her hand on his leg. She stared into his face and her nails were in his thigh. She was strong.

“My love, if I cannot walk, will you be mad at this women with strong hands that maimed me?”

“You are a hard man Rubén, I sit here so close to you and I want you in my arms and deep inside me, but you chat like a woman with me.”

He laughed and she smiled. They walked side by side, hip to hip and she kissed him as he went back to work. His supervisor smiled. His new employee had found romance, he would not worry now the man was with a woman.

Rubén worked intently the rest of the day, he managed to make two pictures of the new pieces. He had decided to make his work part of his resume, examples of his work. He had a good day, and walked home. At the end of his street there was a family bar and eatery. Val was sitting in the shade there as he came by. He went to sit by her. “I have found a new place, it is close by and very private. I am moving tomorrow. Here is the key, I got one for you. The walls are thick and it is very quiet. When you spank me I can scream as loud as I want.”

He smiled, “It is something different for another woman to make a home for me, do you do that often?”

“Never my love, never. When you’re with me we are the only two, there are no others. Je T’aime.”

He leaned over and kissed her lips. Then he stood and walked away, her eyes on his with every step. She finished her drink and went to her new home. She had bought the building, no need for anyone to know. It was in the name of her art store. There were four apartments above the shop, she took the top floor and those two apartments would be one big home for him. For some reason she felt certain it would happen, she could not see the future, but she felt it in her bones. The contractor was working on one apartment and she lived in the other, then he would do hers and she would move into the refurbished until. They would have common hallways one side would have two large bedrooms, a hot tub between them. The other side would face the street and have a balcony. The living and dining with the kitchen would be on that side.

Her bathroom were big, with big showers. She had dreamed of having a place like this, but finding him had pushed her forward. She didn’t know what tomorrow held, but she felt that somehow, someway he would take her as his own and that would be her heaven.

In his apartment Rubén reviewed the USB stick, the code was expected. He read through the instructions that loaded the code. What surprised him was another bunch of machine code after the install command. Then near the end was a command to erase the patch and the install commands. He thought about that fro a minute or two. If memory was being used during the patch execution, you would want to reclaim it, but the machine’s operating system was a version of Linux. Linux was a world wide open source operating system. The operating system normally would clear the memory after the program executed, If the patch was finished and ran successfully then memory used would be cleared and returned to the operating system. In his PIM he wrote up his findings, he collected the date of the release of the patch. He noted the critical commands that were not normal in a patch. He had been working with the machine for two years and all of the factory patches had identity and dates in the loader. The loader he installed this morning was blank. He thought is might not have been a factory patch.

As he sat thinking about what was happening he realized that normally the factory released patches every quarter. In the last three months he had loaded five patches. Every time there was a small production run with a few as five parts to as many as twenty. In his experience the normal production would have been at least a hundred pieces. Something wasn’t right and he was beginning to wonder about where the pieces were going that he was making. Two days later he had a run of five pieces, those were the same as he had run when he started. He loaded them on a cart and ran them to shipping with the paperwork. He watches them packed and boxed. The labels were generated by a computer and put on the boxes. These were going to Iran. He walked back and picked up his next order. Another patch and a run of 20 pieces. What part of these pieces required a discreet patch. He started the load and then looked at the internet connection on his machine. Normally the machine was online and the factory could help with problems. There was no internet connection. He found the cable and connected it then went back to the panel. The machine was showing numerous error codes completing the factory updates and reliability checks.

He sat very still for many minutes and his supervisor appeared. He looked at Rubén. He asked him to follow him and they went to HR. He was terminated that day. He was given three months pay and medical coverage. No reason for the termination. He spoke to the supervisor about the machine and the errors. He was informed the factory was coming out to reset the machine and his mistakes would be fixed. They were placing the blame on him. Rubén collected his things, turned in his ID badge and left the facility. In his cafe he was early for lunch, and he suspected that Val would show up. He called an instructor who had taught him about the machine. They talked and Rubén gave him the serial number and explained that when he reinstalled the Ethernet connection for the internet the machine failed reliability checks.

He ate his lunch with some wine and sat considering his position. Val came, she was very pretty and she smiled, “You’ve been here, why?”

“I’ve been terminated.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing, I was working my machine and it encountered some condition that made it stop working. It had something to do with the machine, not with me. My supervisor shows up, doesn’t speak to about anything, just walks me to HR and now I’m out.”

“Well don’t worry about work, you can live with me. Money isn’t an issue.”

“Yes, but then I have three women in my apartment, one is my wife.”

“Well, go see them and see what their reaction is and then call me.”

He left her and hurried off. When he opened his door her knew something had happened. The room was clean, the apartment was clean. His clothes were still there, his toiletries were still there. His shoes were still there. The women were gone. Everything connected to the women was gone. The beds were made. The trash cans were empty. The food was still there, but only the things he had bought. He called Val, “Come over.”

She found the door open and walked in he was sitting on the bed. “Where are your women?”

“Gone. Cleaned out and gone, nothing of them remains. This is all connected, that’s clear.” He went to his shaving kit and pulled out a small SD memory card from his phone. He had made hundreds of pictures of the women, he put the memory card in his computer and fired it up. The laptop started and then began doing something. He popped out the SD card and waited. They had played with his laptop. His hard drive was wiped, only the operating system was still working. He found his camera and removed the memory card and put in the picture card. All of the pictures were there, the sisters and the mother. He pulled out that card and put in the camera card. It was blank.

He started packing his things, he stopped. “Has anyone been taking your picture out on the streets or anywhere? Has anyone been following you? Anything strange at you place?”

“No none of that, I would have noticed. Why I had no reason to be suspicious.”

“Well go home and stay there. Keep an eye on the crew that’s doing the work. I’ll call you.” She left with a worried look. He started packing. Three bags. He moved them downstairs by the elevator then pushed them under the stair well. He over turned a bucket and sat by his bags, watching the traffic and the stores, looking at everything. Time passed, they would want to keep track of him, monitor his calls. He needed a new phone, or to change carriers with the old one. An old man came by pushing a two wheeled cart with garbage, soon he came back empty.
Rubén stopped him and asked him if he could move some things. The man took the money and they loaded the bags in the cart then man left. Rubén left in the opposite direction, a block away he stole a bicycle and pedal around the block and headed off, he watched for a follower and saw nothing. Two blocks from Val’s place he stopped and pull the batteries out of him phone. When he got to her house as the old man came by. He unload at the opposite corner and turned around and passed Rubén standing in a dark doorway. He rode past his bags and around the corner, parked the bike in a narrow alley and walked back to his bags. He shouldered them and walked to Val’s and up the stairs. It was dark and quiet. He tried the door and it was locked, he checked out back, her car was gone. There was no one on her floor, he made himself comfortable and she came up almost an hour later.

When he was inside and she had locked the door she came to him. She stood very close, he could smell her smell and it stirred him. They smiled, her hands came up slowly to her blouse she gripped the neckline then quickly the shirt was ripped away and she reached into her bra bringing out her wonderful fruit, then she slipped against him. She rubbed him with her chest looking into his face. “Rubén use me, please do this for me. Bring me pain and pleasure in your wonderful measure. Do me now!”

He leaned over her, his hands on her back, forcing her backward until she was curled into him and he kissed her, her weight was in his hands. She moved her lips on his, her tongue tasting him. The kiss broke and they were very close, watching each other, imploring each other. He smiled and said, “Something about you I like; the taste, the smell, the softness are all there, but your mind flies at me like a bird in flight, sure and direct to my heart. Your body is wonderful and rewards me well, but the mind of you is like the gently wind that turns you to face the breeze, letting it caress your face, tickle your lashes and letting me know your there beside me. In the arms of my mind holding me so gently, stroking my fires.” He kissed her softly, and she laid in his arms relaxed filled with him, held by him, suspended by him. One of his hands came to the back of her neck in her hair and his touch swept through her like a fire roaring across the desert, consuming her and she felt the climax coming from being here with him.

He felt her stiffen and then she smiled at him, “My god you did it to me and we’re still dressed. Your touch is electric baby.”

He pulled her up, holding her steady as she settled on her heels. He stepped back from her and said, “I like that look, yes it works for you.”

She smiled.

She shivered and said to him, “When I see you I want you to see me this way, to know that I’m always with you, wanting you, feeling undone and yet captured by you.” The tip of her tongue came out to wet her lips, he saw the image of a smiling snake who tongue searched the air for him.
“I can’t explain it, but I’ve watched other women watch you and I see the same thing in their eyes, you have no idea what is does to all of us.” She went in to the bath room and he made coffee. He thought about what was happening him. He felt like the lone man on a cliff of rock over an ocean of slue watching a siren of incredible beauty coming to him on a zephyr breeze, she wraps him in her arms of wonderful warmth and strength to carry him off to some unknown of something unknown. He blinked at the coffee burning his lips in flashback to the kitchen.

~ ~ ~ ~

In the late afternoon under an olive tree his father sitting beside him, he heard his very own voice of the ages, “Son the world is changing too quickly. At work to day a man came from some government ministry to show us a milling machine. He had a projector and a screen and he played a movie of a computer controlled milling machine. The turret of that machine could turn and do both vertical or horizontal milling. He said soon they would have these in every factory, men would program them to do the work, instead of the man doing the work. Specialist he kept saying. Specialist Machinist. The machine would learn the first time and then the man would just turn it on and turn it off.

He had shown him a massive and complex machine with a small man standing beside it, the man looked insignificant. When he talked to his mother she pulled him close and and had whispered to him. “The man will always run the machine Rubén, always.” He remembered her smell and her soft tatas on his arm, she had never lied to him. She had always been there behind him, always watching him.

When he went off to school she was there with his clothes and when he came home she fed him, talked with him, and sometimes held him close against her chest. She was his first women, the first he loved, and enjoyed. They laughed with each other. It was simple and life was good. As he left for training school his father cried, his mother smiled and pulled him close. He left feeling he had passed some milepost hardly seeing it in front of him or even behind him.

When he was home for the holidays it was someone else’s home, it had been his childhood home, but not now.

His first job as an intern, watching and learning. Then his second job with his own machine. His machine soon passed away and he was in school again. A man in school with other men. And on weekends in taverns and restaurants with his school friends, watching the women. Women were these mysterious things, soft and warm, then hard and mean. Women said things no man would say to a friend or an enemy. Hurtful things.

~ ~ ~ ~

She came to him and sat down, she looked at him. “We must talk. We must say things to each other and be truthful, not to hurt and not to hide. These women you loved were not yours, they were of some other man. A bad man who used these women. It is possible the mother was not their mother, she was there mistress tending her flock. I cannot know why they did this to you, but it was dishonest and bad for them to do it. Not all woman are liars and not all women deceive. For me it is very hard to show you the other side, because, honestly, I want you for myself. But I will not lie to you, I will not play you. I will be yours in your arms when I’m near and yours when your away from me. I will be true to us. What I have is yours, and I expect what is yours is mine, I want to respect your privacy, but between a man and his woman there is a closeness with little room for privacy between.”

He stared at her, “I understand and I agree with that. That is what I want and what I expect. I feel betrayed, but also terribly stupid. And to be used like a tool hanging on the wall, pulled down once or twice a day, to accept those lies and to never know the true feelings of your partner, it is very hurtful. That I will bear, it is mine and I have to own it for what it is. I will try very hard to keep it apart from us, but I am thankful we are together because of the cry of loneliness.”

They leaned to each other for a kiss, the bond of their agreement. She asked him, “Why are you drinking coffee?”

“I need the energy for you my love.”
“Let’s go out to eat, I want some pasta and sauce, with dark red wine.”

He rose to her and said, “Yes, eating is important. He gathered up his tools and his notes. In the refrigerator her found an empty crisper drawer and left his things there covered by two packages of cheese, She watched him and stayed quiet. He was about to close the door, but picked up a dish of sliced carrots covered with clear wrap. He placed that on top of the crisper, then closed the door. He went back to the table and picked up the blank SD card, he carried into her room and found a pair of sneakers in her closet, he dropped the card into the shoe and let it settle in the forefoot. The memory card with his wife and sister with mother was in his pocket, loose at the bottom.

In the restaurant they sat side by side inside in a dark corner, the wine was wonderful. They talked softly. Val opened her shirt, he looked and she said, “I am hot.”

“Yes you are.”

When the server brought their food he was captured by Val’s body. They are slowly enjoying the food. It was hot and tasty with the wine. He sat back when he finished and she leaned over to him. “My belly is full, give me your hand.”

Her hand held his hand and she slowly rolled it over her lower stomach, she paused and moved his hand lower. She was watching his face when he looked up. He pushed lower and she moved closer. He felt her thong and went lower to her landing strip. He tickled her and she smiled at him. He pulled his hand free. “Let’s walk.”

They left and strolled casually down the street. They went into a small shop and out the back door and walked back toward the restaurant. They slipped through another shop with a front porch with rockers. He sat and she sat next to him and they waited. Tow teenage boys came running up the street and stopped in front of a young man in a tan linen suit, wearing a narrow brim hat. They were talking to him hurriedly and he looked over at them and smiled. He turned away and walked up the street out of sight, the two teenagers with him. Val leaned over to him and said, “How did you know?”

“I feel it, right between my shoulder blades. And I guess when we ate I saw him, twice while we ate. Twice was a hundred times too many.”

She smiled. “Let’s go home”

She stood in front of the door and unlocked it, he pulled her aside. “Wait.”

He opened the door, there was silence. He walked in and looked very carefully. He saw the indentations in the carpet. In the bedroom the chip in her shoe was gone. He smiled. He opened the refrigerator and smiled again. He had fooled them this time, but he knew they would get better. He needed a safe place and he couldn’t conceive of such a place. He and Val talked about it for hours, many ideas lie on the floor as they went to bed. She slept on his chest that night her leg between his. His arm was around her and she felt nice in his arm.

In the morning she gave him coffee and left. He dressed, business class, gathered his laptop and his evidence. He took the train into Barcelona and found their address at Paseo Reina Elisenda de Montcada. When he was fifteen minutes out he used his new “throw away” phone and called for an appointment. It was a long call and disappointing. When he arrived they sat him in an outside area and told him to wait. An hour later a young woman came out, she started speaking to him in bad Spanish. He held up his hand, “English perhaps?”

“Thank you, is my Spanish that bad?”

He smiled and nodded yes. “What can we do for you, it is a sensitive matter, I was hoping you had someone like a specialist in Industrial Espionage?”

“So this is something about spying?”

“I have no idea, I am a CNC machinist and in my work I have found some things that are not normal. They involve the use of a special machine that is computer controlled, I went to school in Germany. I would like to talk to someone who is knowledgeable about these machines and perhaps import/export for the the machines themselves, but also for the things they make.” He pulled out his phone and showed her a color picture of his latest products.

“What does it do?”

“I don’t know, but I know it is made to strict tolerances for critical parts, I start with the metal, this is titanium and machine it to what you see. It is very light and strong. Listen I am here with you today, because the fired me. My work history looks unusual now. They have someone following me, and they entered my friends apartment while we were having dinner last night. They did a through search of the entire place. I left a trick for them, I wasn’t sure they would search, but I hid my information in the refrigerator and then left a small memory card in my friend’s shoe. They found that, of all the things, that was the only thing they took. This scared me, I might be wrong. They might fear I would compromise products or steal programming data for the computer I use on the machine.”

She stopped and stared at him and then a door opened and a man came out walking quickly to him. “Sir we have some strange process for doing these things, you cannot bring you computer equipment inside. But we would like to talk to you, come this way please.”

They walked back inside and there were four big boxes on the wall, locker with keys. Rubén put his laptop case in the big box and locked the locker and put the key inside his pocket. He followed both of them to the elevator and then up to the a high floor, there were no numbers. They led him down a hall and into a conference room, “Would you like some water?”

“Yes please.” A moment later she brought him a glass of water, he smiled.

“May I have a bottle, an unopened bottle.”

She took the glass and came back with a bottle of bubbling water common in Spain. He took out his wallet and his passport and put them in front of him. He then pulled out his notes, there was a time line of his life from the school in Stuttgart. His first job. The dismissal and the rehire. The new job and their move of him to Sabadell and then his termination there. He showed the salaries he was paid.

Then he had another couple of sheets about his wife, her sister, and her mother. A description of their meeting. Then a picture of the man in the linen suit that had followed them last night. He had two shots, one zoomed to just his face and another of him walking towards them.
He sat back and the women sat near the wall, not at the table. He sighed, the air conditions was cool and the lighting was bright. He felt comfortable. He opened the water and drank half of it. She smiled. “You came on the train?”

“Yes I did, I had to take the early one, but I liked the ride. It’s the first time, well I used one in Germany. I’m from Italy and I never used them there.”

She smiled again, “Your name is Rubén? You have excellent English?”

“My mother was English, from America. She married my father in Italy, he was Spanish so I grew up with both languages, as a child it was funny that they talked to each other only in their own native language. When they were loving they talked in Italian, very romantic.”
He looked out the window, “This is a busy city, very many people, yes?”

“Yes, have you always lived in small places?”

“Yes, mostly growing up in a small village. My father was an electrical engineer and my mother taught school. When I finished primary my father helped me get on with the machine factory, and they sent me to Stuttgart, Germany for my two years of machinist school. I work with the computers that control the milling machines, programming and operating a TKLS-1638 which is a three axis programmable milling machine.”
He stopped talking and looked down at the table, “I must seem like a fool to you, a scared, silly fool? I don’t understand what is going on, but these companies keep firing me. I don’t like that. I want a job and I am good at this work. I am smart, I can do more training. But I am quickly building a history here of employment where no one will hire me. That isn’t fair and it isn’t my fault. There is something going on, I just want someone who knows about things like this to explain. And I am afraid to talk to anyone, but you. You know about things like this. I think it is some kind of espionage, I just don’t know how to report it. My laptop has my notes, and all of the information I gathered. My phone has stuff on it. I have some of the computer patches they kept giving me, I called a friend I went to school with. He gets patched once a quarter. I was getting them every other job. And someone disconnected my machine from the internet. There is a port on the machine and it allows the builders to inspect the machines for errors and offer repairs. They run diagnostics, like at night. They had just pulled the cable out, no communication. Why would they do that?”

She came to his side of the table to sit beside him, he smiled. She looked at his passport then his driver’s license. She started reading his notes, she glanced at him and smiled. She kept reading. It seemed like a long time. She put down the paper work. “Rubén what do you expect from us, to find out what is going on, see if it is illegal and stop it?”

I want a job and I want to be left alone. I don’t want people in my stuff, in my house, or following me. I want to live with my friend, she is Valentina Sabini, from Italy. We are very good for each other. She works and owns a small shop. I’ve been in her apartment since I left the company, she will care for me. But we should be left alone to live our lives without worry, yes?”

She smiled and patted his hand, “Yes. I’ll be right back.”

As she walked out he laid his head on the table and tried to relax. He drank his water.

~ ~ ~ ~

Her supervisor and the Chief of Station CIA were at the window watching him, they were facing him. She smiled, “This guy is real as dirt. He’s a hard working man and he radiates sex. I moved closer to be close to him, he’s a woman killer without knowing it. I don’t know the particulars yet, but he’s asking for someone who understands the technical, we don’t have anyone in the building for that. Otherwise he is good, his notes, the pictures, and his descriptions. I believe him 100%, I just don’t know what this is. Industrial something. Can we conference someone in who knows this machine and that industry, put them on line with him. Right now, right here?”

“You think he’s straight and he’s been played?”

“Yes I do.”

“And for what purpose?”

“Maybe he’s making parts for a rocket, a guidance system, or a nuclear bomb. The machine he describes is driven by a computer that makes these parts, it does it flawlessly and quickly. It must be clear his company didn’t want anyone to know what they were doing. They broke the internet connection. Maybe talk to them and Washington, them first. The fire him every time he gets suspicious, they hook him up with a hot babe who fucks his brains out and keeps him worn out. She going to know what he knows, what he’s doing. Listen they fire him, he walks home and these three women are gone, as clean as a whistle. No note, no calls.”

“And our guy, the amateur spy has copies of their patches, has pictures of their parts. All that before, so they know he’s concerned. The internet connection freaked him out, that was the last straw for him. We need an expert on this machine and we need him right now. We need to know what they’re doing and what they’re making, this could be very serious. They used three females, live in types, they move him to Spain. They have invested in this guy, then they throw him out? No way!”

He turned away from her and looked at two of his people, “Call Washington and get us an expert, now, and on the phone. Call the factory ask for their law enforcement liaison and let’s find out the companies and their backgrounds. Roll on this. He turned back to her, what do we do with him. We can’t sit on him.”

She smiled, “I need another women and one man. Well take him home meet the Mrs. and then we wait for something. If they come and we can identify them we take them, we take them black and then we talk to them until someone knows they lost them and runs or comes looking?”
“All right, you have a plan and you have support, let’s check this out and no one gets hurt.”

“Rubén, my name is Patty Rocha and I’m going to be one member of a team, we will have two others with us. Right now we want to get you on the train home. I’ll be by your side, the other’s will follow us. Let’s get movin’, the train doesn’t wait.”

He followed her back to the lockers and he collected his things. A car was waiting and they were at the station, a short wait and the train came in, they got on and moved to a Casa Grande. Inside there were two chairs and two sleepers. He took the seat facing back and she sat opposite him. They rendered their tickets and then ordered some wine. Rubén felt comfortable for the first time all day, he told her that and relaxed. She asked him how much Valentina knew of the issues. He told her she knew everything, he looked away for a moment. “I have been embarrassed by the other women, looking back I was played. From a moment on the street to the very end. Played. They used me. I enjoyed it and I feel guilty about it. The sex was very good. And hard as it is to believe they were both virgins, that weighted on me, but not now. They were probably following orders, who knows. It was an expensive play to my mind. Three women caring for me, I should have known. I’m over thirty and I just haven’t had that sort of experience. I worked hard in school and then the technical training. I wanted to make my father proud of me. He and my mother died while I was in Germany.”

He looked out the window, his face showing his feelings. She sipped her wine, he was real. No one can act this way. She smiled, “Call Val and tell her you’ll be home for dinner, we should go out.”

He pulled out his phone and called her. “Val I am on the train headed home, be there for dinner. Yes, it’s good baby. We’ll talk to night.”

The Italian place, want to meet there or home first. I want you there when we get there, don’t worry about clothes. Good.”

He hung up and she watched him, “I’m afraid for her I’m hoping they don’t mess with her, she’s a very nice woman and I love her.”

She looked out the window, he was close to the edge, she could sense it in his voice, she hoped nothing went bad.

He reclined his seat and fell asleep. She watched him the rest of the trip. He wasn’t the wonder lover, he was a well built black haired journeyman, his hands were soft, his eyes were bright blue, his nose was straight, and he had eyelashes. She stood up and took his picture, she moved and took it from the side, and then she saw the tattoo, she took a picture of it. She sat down and started investigating, who was he and why was he?

And in twenty minutes she knew he was more, much more, than he seemed. He was one of a select group of men in the world who belonged to the Italian Special Forces, of the Col Moschin, They were talking to the Italians, they were silent. They would not confirm or deny former members. The Army did confirm he served from the age of 17 until 24. His father has served in a similar unit and had medals. He had a clean criminal history and no incidents. There was a note that members of this type were seldom charged and none have ever been convicted for minor crimes. He was sound financially. No record of a marriage.

She sat there looking at a man who came to them for help with something, but he knew what it was, he must know. Why come to the Americans, a son of Italy. It started there, his first job and fired, without reason. Maybe his employer found out who he was? Maybe anything?
She looked at him, his clothes, his hair, and his hands. He had large hands, muscular hands with short nails. Asleep his face relaxed he was handsome in that rugged soldier look. She had heard someone was out there, it wasn’t until she walked out to the window, then she came downstairs and looked closely. When she sat beside him she felt a certain energy. She smiled, no one even noticed it, but she did. The energy was one of full sexuality, she felt sure the women noticed. It seemed invisible to the men around him. In his sleep he was relaxed and mild. When he woke she would feel it all over again. She wondered what he felt like, would she scream for relief if she were in his arms?
If he was pressed, would the wildness come out? If they hurt Val she sensed her would kill, it would be a blood lust, he might not stop until they were all dead. There were posters in her office of these men, trained in the ways of dead who lived ordinary lives until someone too ignorant to realize would give them slight cause and they were dead, quickly. And society wanted these men, she never spend time looking for them. They were good citizens for almost all of the lives, and those they killed needed killing, in her opinion.

The train started to slow and his eyes opened, her looked at her and smiled. He shook himself and sat up. She watched his stretch moving his muscles from his neck to his feet. It was his ritual, be loose, be ready. He was watching her face and he sensed something, She smiled, “Ask?”
“You are an agent, you have some level of training?”

“Yes, but not like your training. The skills I have are investigative, I have no training in combat.”

“You know about my training, the Army?”

“Of the Col Moschin?”

“Yes I was from the 9th. I’m surprised you would know, not many know.”

“The tattoo.”

“You knew of the tattoo, how. I took a picture while you slept and sent it to my people.”

“Of course. Of course.”

He had looked away and then back to stare at her. “It is hard to leave any part of your life behind. I thought about having it removed. You can leave your history that way. What you are is in there and it’s there without the tattoo. But I have lived a good life, I have learned a trade, I have found a good woman. I will marry and have children. And in all that I have fought and defended my country. It is good, right?”

“Yes, of course it is. It is always the honorable ones that survive and succeed. You should bear no shame for that honorable thing. Warriors of every creed and country often are called to do terrible things, they do these things for their country, not for themselves.”

They got off the train and started to walk, a car pulled up to them and stopped. He looked in, “Val you found us. This is my friend Patty Rocha, she is with me and we just got off the train. They got into the car and he kissed Val. They went to the restaurant. The sat a table and ordered wine, then food. It was a good meal, and he felt better. Patty watched them as they talked, he sharing his day and she sharing hers. They were very close and simpatico. When they left they, the three of them, walked to Val’s old apartment. She took his material’s, his USB sticks, his everything related to the problems and she left them together hand in hand.
When she left Val turned to him, “Let’s go for a walk, I want to be outside tonight.” They left, he locked the door. There walked two blocks and then they heard the sound of a piano. They followed the sound. The stood outside dancing in the road, her so close and feeling complete, he spoke to her then asking her for her hand in marriage and for her baby’s, for them. She looked into his face and smiled, her answer a very soft,


They were kissing there when the bomb went off, the sound was so loud it hurt their ears, and standing in each other’s arms they felt the shock. Then as their hearing came back the sounds pf pieces of things falling around them, light little sound and heavy clunks of bigger things. He had her against the nearest wall, his body blocking anything that would harm. People we running and women were crying. He held her tightly until he could hear. He pulled her close and started walking, toward the train station. The were walking and crying. Walking until they were tired and a car pulled up beside them. Patty was driving the car and they got into the back seat. She drove, he paid no attention. She went left and right and finally in the bus station she pulled up next to a airport shuttle bus, they all got inside. There were two men there and lots of radio sets blaring. “You were outside when it blew?”

“Yes, an after dinner walk. We were hugging in the street two blocks away. It was plastique, military grade. They used too much, that blast killed people within 100 m. Debris was dropping on us where we were.”

“Any ideas about who might have done it?”

“They had access to the hardware and some training, but a specialist would have used a smaller amount, if it was meant to kill.”

“You suggest this wasn’t meant to kill.”

“It was a timed event, to kill you would use remote, by wire or cell. Whoever suppled the hardware could have supplied all of that, already wired and test. You make a cell call when you see them there, when they walk in you make the call. I feel like this was something more, maybe a demonstration. Or it could be a friend telling the others they are now dead. I really don’t know what to think. It is almost like this is falling apart now. All this long term planning. These milling machines are very expensive, there are maybe 20 of them in the world. Most places that buy them run they 24/7 to get a reasonable return. I was working the day shift, maybe 10 hours. No one running the same set up at night. Maybe they only needed a small number of these special parts.”

“There were three deaths being reported by the Guardia Urbana, we see maybe six to eight.”

“I would say that this is a big operation, a complex operation. Killing people is a side issue for them. I would think they killed Christina and Itzel, probably the older woman if she was in fact the mother. Why not, no one will miss them. I would like to know how many of the graduates of the school who had jobs and were trained are still alive. There’s a reason for the type of approach, I’m thinking that we’re so few in number that they are courting us, like they courted me. Sex, money, apartments would be cheap expenses for them. And if something went wrong kill and start over with another. But if they have killed enough of them then that changes the game. These parts that were made by me need to be looked at carefully, by a weapons expert. If those parts are for a rocket, a bomb, or a guided missile then the whole picture changes. Send that picture to Langley and then to Israel.”

Patty had heard enough she left the room and went to the communications van, “Give me secure to Langley. Send the picture of that thing he made to them, ask for an analysis, what is it?”

“Yes, Patty Roca, Barcelona, Spain. I need National Analysis for Italy and Spain, maybe Germany. Conference call, and right now. I want principals on this. In fifteen minutes! CIA Station Chief Barcelona.”

She pulled a laptop to her and started writing her first blast report. It centered around a former Italian Special Forces specialist who was working as a CNC milling machine operator. His initial contact with the Embassy in Barcelona concerning fear of an international operation with terrorism, spies, and killings. His initial brief was detailed, concise, and now backed up by an major explosion of his apartment house, the death of perhaps eight other people. Related to Germany via a 3D CNC milling machine capable of making small, special pieces of metal that could be used in a number of applications. The manufacturers operated a school to train recruits to operate the machinery which required computer programming.

She requested the names of the students for the last twenty-four months, their status, and location. If any had died by any means? Then a deep background on the school and the manufacturer of the equipment. List of the customers who had purchased the machines, where they were, and were any of the machines re-sold to other countries. Background on Valentina Sabini, from Italy 35, 5’10”, 151 lb.s, Sabadell, Barcelona, Catalonia.
She was handed a sheet of the early reports of the bomb blast. Three woman were among the dead, they were locked in a janitorial closet on the second floor of Val’s building. She looked up and stared across the bus at blinking LEDs and thought, so sad to throw them away. He looked at Val and Rubén, it would fire his lust for the killers if he knew. She folded the report and stuffed it in her pocket. She thought to herself, is there any reason to keep the couple in Spain? It would make more since to put them somewhere safe, some place under U.S. control.
One of the men looked at her, “Air Force Base Morón has some civilian housing, apartments and they have a motel and hotel I think. They are on DSN, check the Spain Directory. You could easily stash them there as guests, thirty days or so?”

She smiled and said, “Get them accommodations for an 0-5 level one bedroom suite. They need shots, ID’s, and a rental car. Put it on our account.” She called Barcelona and asked for permission to move them out of the zone to Morón for thirty days, add them to the CIA guest program and bill it all to CIA. The gears were turning. She got them in the car and on the train. At the airport a CIA charter jet was waiting and they were in Morón quickly. They were met there by a young lady who was referred to as liaison CIA. They were given picture ID cards, advised they could not leave the base. They were shown to a duplex unit and then a quick tour of the eating, medical, and stores. At the store they bought underwear and travel kits. They were dropped at a restaurant within walking distance of their unit, they found a base bus that dropped them a block from their place. They poured wine and took showers and then closed the curtains and lived in the nude. They had a debit card, given to them by the CIA. They bought some basic clothes, Val got some sneakers. Two days later they found the barber shop and the beauty shop. They were given new cell phones and Val started remote management of her shop, they were doing all right.

Rubén had some records and he started by moving his money into a U.S. based band that had a on base office. He was getting direct deposits from the Spanish government and it took a week to turn that off. When he was finished and had consolidated everything he had a new debit card and it automatically selected EURO or USD depending on where he was. They had his laptop on line in their condo and keeping track of things on the internet. They both got medical check ups and then shots. Val got some female care and testing. Everything was good. They found the pool near their place and had now flip-flops with bathing suits. Their very own back deck was shaded and they sun bathed there a lot. Slowly they were becoming tanned. And slowly they were becoming relaxed and somewhat normal.

The CIA worked quietly and found that the pieces made by the new milling machines were going to Iran, Iran could not buy a machine. They quickly found everything there was to know about the Iranian overseas milling operation. Twenty-four persons were eventually arrested and imprisoned. Patty called Rubén one morning and told him the DNA testing found that three females had died in Val’s old apartment. Christina, Itzel, and the mother of the two had all died together. Denise was found in Germany working for Airbus as a recruiter. Experts felt it was safe for the couple to return to Sabadell and they were making arrangements.

A month later Val and Rubén were in her renovated apartment above her store. The town was quiet. The bomb damage was cleaned up and a new place was under construction there. He had visited the factory and talked with the HR people, they had offered him a job, he would have to start on the new night shirt from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m.. He accepted and he found the machine in good shape and the internet connected and he was getting the quarterly program updates and weekly diagnostics. Weeks passed and he and Van were happy, again. Their love was still passionate and inspired.

A month later he got a check from the U.S. Government for the “See Something, Say Something” program. It went in to his account and he got a leter explaining the deposit. They bought a car with the money.

In the morning light

In the morning light, always brighter and lighter, I stand on the porch protected by screens.  In my underwear, I consider the day.  The dew point is terrific and the rich blue of an atmospheric high covers my world.  It’s a high pressure I wake under and rejoice.  Coffee, hot and sugary, starts my day I sip and relax, on my own two feet braced for whatever the day may bring.  Days will pass before I remember this day, the day before was similar, and the day after much like the others while that day was the day I met Mia.

Most of my life the beautiful women I’ve met have been objects of desire, the goal of a long play that might succeed and might not.  She was pretty, no she wasn’t.  She was more than pretty.  Mia was one of those women that remind you of a Greek statue posed in a walled garden paved with big, coarse blocks of rough cut stone.  Silent, calm, and posed in reflection of worldly things or famous people.  Her face calm and without tension or lines of wrinkles her eyes always off toward some other important thing attracting her attention.  That soft smile of pleasantness in all she saw, finding wonder and pleasure in what she observed.

My reaction to her was, on first thought, somewhat curious as I sat facing the opposite direction I saw only the side view of her face.  That highlighted her eyelashes, curled and full, as she stared at her work.  Her fingers working a keyboard.  I saw her fingers, but only the two or three on each hand working, and I commented that she wasn’t a touch typist.  Her reply was that she had been taught, but lost it along the way and I nodded in agreement.  She was a little confused and asked, “Typing?”

My reply was, “Yes like on a typewriter?”

Her response, “I’ve never seen one.”

I sat quietly, embarrassed, and thinking how an adult, abet a young adult, could not have seen a typewriter or a picture of a typewriter.  That’s when I realized that the age difference between us was a life, a generation, maybe a world apart.  My mind raced over the implications of the slender crack in the panorama of I, now exposed, now I felt embarrassed with my clumsy dialog.  A conversation stopped in mid construct by the awkwardness of the age differences.  The realization that there were many things, perhaps millions of things, which would not translate between us.  A cool wind of age swept over me and brought the silence of humbleness.  That was what it was, and there was nothing more to say.

Over time I would revisit that brief period, and especially my awkwardness brought home to me by my age, I was acutely conscious of what it meant.  I was older than I felt, I was older than I thought and now I was shocked by it all.  What to do, what to do?  Well nothing of course, any attempt to move forward would be met with confusion, understandable confusion, in regards to anything beyond polite conversation.  “Good day ma’am.”  “Nice weather?”  “I’m fine, thank you.”

The sadness seemed so profound and unavoidable.  Nothing could distract that settled and accepted fact I was old!  The fifty years between us were clearly more than a lifetime.  What other aspects of the age difference were beyond my immediate comprehension?  Yet the small, marginal shared community of us was like a hollow fractured structure ready in a moment of neglect to fall around us in a terrible misunderstanding.

 I would see what I saw, she would see what she saw, and there would be a cosmic difference between the two.  Nothing could bridge that schism, nothing.

                              ~ ~ ~ ~

As a writer of fiction, I have rejoiced in the fantasy of worlds created by my words, the power to spark the imagination and to share those sparks is a wonderful feeling.  At a certain point in life, it is a reason to live and endure aging.  Aging is a wonder and a cruelty for most of us; those blessed with many years suffer so many things.  The wonder of growing, seeing it happen and feeling it deeply we hunger for some undefined stage to achieve.  To become a toddler frees us from parents, we are free to wonder our world, to explore and to learn unaware of the risks.  As a child, we see beyond our room and notice how complex everything is.  We meet people who love us for no reason, and we meet others who hate us for no reason.  We begin to communicate and quickly grasp how complex and tricky communication can be.  No is a word that can mean so much more than as simple no, for some of us that learning curve is steep and painful.

As we breech adulthood, we feel accomplished ready for life.  Many of us at that point discover a shocking revelation; life is not what we perceived it to be.  We’re still learning and not ready for adulthood.  We can make our own decisions while we long for parental review to save us from ourselves.  Our slender and fit form slowly morphed into overweight and awkwardness, our own bodies begin to fight with us about hair, weight, poor vision, and a host of things that accomplish maturity.

At the point where we feel free from work and we move to the chairs on the sidewalk of life we observe and suffer in silence, that is our life’s plight.  We know better, but no one wants or cares to hear out truth.  We are still competent to observe the aging process and to rebel against it, to no avail.  In addition, with time we forget or lose any interest in much of life around us

Writing a simple chapter of prose can bring smiles, tears, or complete confusion.  The reader’s reaction is unfathomable to the writer so often as to shatter self-confidence.  Yet some writers persevere endlessly cluttering their life with words upon words.  Too many never achieve basic commercial success; others achieve a goal of a written book realizing they have now become immortal in some fashion or other.  Perhaps discovered later, after their passing, and visualized by a relative claiming a tortured relationship.

My suspicion is that many writers are not very good mirrors of what they see or experience.  Nevertheless, without that accomplishment they can describe something their mind saw and felt.  Moreover, readers may enjoy the reflection more than the reality.


There were always signs, for this, and yet there was uncertainty. The slick of sweat on her upper lip seemed fixed. Would a kiss blot it away, would that bring her forth would it unleash her stern restraint. His eyes watched her lips as she spoke. The curve, the curl, the tongue hiding there yet peeking at him. He shifted his weight to his other foot and rested a hand on his hip. Her eyes fell to his waist and then with a flash of guilt fled that and returned to look into his eyes. Now she was breathing, her heard her breath.

It seemed the day had stopped, the noise of the trees and the birds were very soft supporting any dream any soul. His heart felt huge inside his chest, he watched her chest move and he could hardly feel himself. He was only a face for her to reflect back to her his feelings. He wanted to cry, but no tears came. His arms were gone for he could never hold her. His legs were gone for he could never carry her to the marriage bed. Only his face and all of her.

She smiled, a melancholy tentative smile, afraid to show any more than that small part of her countenance for his consideration and he felt hurt somewhere within the him that was numb with her. He nodded to her in dull agreement with the wordless words she shared with him. His mind was screaming in agony and yet, here so close to the fullness of her he was as stone. He couldn’t smile, his lips sealed with the stitches of her eyes moving over them. Wanting to say something to wet his lips and find some relief from the fire of her burning him to some worthless place where she wasn’t and could never be.

His eyes drifted down to her throat watching the words moving upward, the beat of her heart stood there proud of body, the moving a rhythmic drumming in his brain desperate to touch that drum to feel the vibrations of her in his fingers. He mute and waiting, knowing all the while she would leave and think of him as a fool. Was he so dense not to see her here, in public and the light of day telling him with everything that she wanted him to own her, above all of the others just him.
He stepped forward, into her breath, into her world, and he said. “Your very pretty.”

Her smile flashed to full brilliance in that instance. There was silence between them and he watched her lips fill to a fullness of tender pinkness and she, so softly, said, “Thank you, that’s kind of you.”

Where were the smart words the warm words the words to tell her how much how deep how hot he was in her galaxy. He one of those moons spinning around her every curve every valley every mountain that was his center of his life itself. The intensity had turned the core of him into a volcano and his body was swelling up to her, his chest tightened as his hands flexed wanting to feel her in his place so far from her world. She spoke to him then and the words seemed delayed in time as his mind tried to grasp her meaning, she leaned forward and asked him, “Do you ever feel that way?”

A collisions of stones on the path felt by his feet through his shoes and he fought to grasp the significance of her. “I can only feel, I am fighting to say, the words I want are hidden behind what you are to me.”

Her face clouded and she looked over his shoulder to something there, and her eyes came back to him and he concentrated on her lips knowing that her words would crush him. He waited afraid to look beyond this divine second of her. Her smell caressed him. And then the words busted out of him in a quick burst. “You have taken my words and I feel naked here with you.”

Her eyes widened and she pulled back. Her lips pouted and her nose wrinkled. “Me, I’m doing it and that’s why you can’t speak to me?”
“Yes, yes you are that to me. So much so you overcome me and I feel tenderness and stillness, no splash or waves to ripple your memory in my mind. Nothing to distort your beauty, nothing to move the sweet smell of your breath, no cold breeze to chill the heat I feel. You own me and I am lost, do what you will here I stand.”

“Are you sure, that’s very kind?”

He could only nod in agreement. She leaned to him and her hands were on his chest and then her lips touched his lips and he stood very still with her, not wanting anything, even the movement of time, to alter this heavenly moment. She broke the kiss and pulled back to look into his eyes and he blinked. Her eyes slowly shifted to his lips and his tongue wondered the east and the west of her imprint. And she leaned inward again and her lips found his tongue, a hand wandered upward to slide behind his head to his neck, her hand cold on his neck and she pulled his head forward. He stepped to her and stood in her world. His lips felt the caress of her lips, his tongue found her tongue and she shifted to open wider to his invasion and she moaned quietly, gently. His eyes closed and he felt his face relax, every little muscle was placid with her touch. She was smiling at him and her hand stayed on his neck and she moved closer and he felt her on him.

Editing, I should

I’ve slowed down some on new posting for the current story. There are reasons but I’m not into whining so bear with me. While I was down, but not out I’ve been reading and studying. I do read other blogs, especially those about writing and ebooks – in particular.

I’m retired so money is limited for my “hobby.” It takes no money to write. Some paper and some pencils and you’re on your way. I recently read a book by a prison inmate who wrote on bound books of 8 by 10 lined paper with a pencil. In the back of my mind was the thought, not only did he write it, but also he got it published. It wasn’t my kind of book but someone send me the used paperback because the author’s voice sounded like mine. So I read it, actually I read it twice because I was hung up on “the editing.” I mean, I wondered if it had been edited, and by who. Therefore, the second read was looking at the editing, or trying to find how bad it might have been. The author was not a high school graduate he had a GED.

I concluded, yesterday, as I stared at a ‘new document’ in Word waiting patiently for the words to come for my next serial that someone really good had ‘edited’ this man’s book. I checked for author’s credits, reviewed the front matter, and then the back matter. Nothing there. I went into Google and searched. Long story, short, I found nothing about another co-author or Herculean work by a New York editor. My sense is that it didn’t need editing. My sense of this book was the writer was damn good, OR there was something I was missing. An editor slipped by me, is my guess.

I hate it when that happens. Editors sometimes work that way, quietly in the background whispering suggestions at first, later yelling commands, and then taking your bank account on their way out of town. I know I need both content and copy editing. I have paid two editors for their contributions to things I’ve pushed onto Amazon and I think they really helped me. Strangely, as I see it, they have educated me and helped me become a better writer. However, painfully I cannot afford them. One of my short stories of about 37K words cost my $.016 per word. It seemed expensive to me but I did get a fully read and edited manuscript back, and in a timely fashion.

As I reviewed the edit I found many stupid things I had done, a few spelling errors, some word/sentence suggestions that made sense, and tense changes in the same sentence or several times in the same paragraph. I think that is one of my biggest errors, still. I have done word counts, studied my “that’s” and “but’s”. I rely heavily on Word 2010 and the Review function. However, I need much more and I accept that.

Now accepting that I do not expect to make money at writing I do want to leave behind good work, in my voice, that might find readers who enjoy the work. If you’re not selling books then it is hard to pay for editing. If you don’t pay for editing then you don’t sell books, at least in my case. I have four ebooks, all short stories, on Amazon. I don’t claim them to be anything other than short stories written by a beginner. I will, probably, never know if they will reach an audience. Moreover, I can’t put $500 into a 45K short story too many times with very little sales and continue.

So I’m feeling trapped in a “can’t get there from here” situation. I would almost do a 75/25 split with someone who edits; editor gets the 75%, just to see if there is any reality there. In addition, for me the offer by an editor to participate in the project would almost be an endorsement of sorts. Got some time, recovering from an accident, in jail, some personal situation where you have the time and need something to waste time with – call me!