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rusty3This is a simple two-page site, the Front page where we are now and the Posts page where all the writing resides.  The menu you probably get,  Front is here and Posts is the posting page.  Amazon Central is my Author Central, with my current selections are posted.  Gasouth at gmail dot com will get my attention or leave a comment.

 The current serial started in May 2015

This site had no commercial process, no advertising, and no political purpose. It captures none of your identity and does not track you. There is no purpose here but discussion about writing and life.

This site is, sort of, my whiteboard where I practice the art of learning.  Learning how to write fiction.  I write, sometimes daily, and post it here where I hope for comments and suggestions.   Buried back through archives are some interesting things, however you must search for them.

This site is rated for mature audiences and includes violence, sex, and bad language.(All of this is fictional, remember!)

These writings occur in fictional narratives written by the writer and may include killing of characters, characters engaged in sex, and various forms of language with four letter words.  If you find these things offensive please move on.  The predominant religion will be Christian based and may include language found in the Old Testament and the “Ten Commandments.”

The characters, places, organizations included are fictitious and bear no relationship to real people (living or dead), real places in the world, or organizations that might have similar names (trademarked or not).  What is produced here is a product of the writer’s imagination, or lack thereof.  The use of trade names is incidental to the story and is not an endorsement of, or for any product or service.  The writer is widely known to be politically incorrect and a person of low character with little or no claims to civility, your patience is sought and appreciated.  This writer does not play a writer on television and does not claim to impersonate same in real life.

4u1solo will read and review your work, at no charge.  The work should be submitted by email and be in “pdf” file format.  You may want to submit a proposal with a synopsis as some work might not be considered based on content.  Work will be returned after comments submitted on Amazon or your favorite location.

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